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Metallurgist 5-6/2008

Issue 5-6/2008

Table of Contents ( 20 Articles )

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Damping steel alloyed with chromium and vanadium for noise-combatting technology

T. E. Utepov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Crushing hot sinter with the use of cantilevered grates

K. K. Makarov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Effect of dendritic segregation in the continuous-cast semifinished product on the formation of the stucture of high-carbon-steel wire rod

A. B. Sychkov, M. A. Zhigarev, S. Yu. Zhukova, A. V. Perchatkin, A. V. Peregudov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Induction systems and methods for the medium-frequency refining of ferrous metals

V. I. Luzgin

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Reasons for the formation and growth of edge cracks on hot-rolled plates of steel 10KhSNDA

A. V. Kuklev, V. V. Sosnin, A. M. Longinov, I. V. Barantseva, A. V. Ziborov, V. V. Zyryanov, S. A. Kulagin, M. S. Kuznetsov, G. I. Kotel’nikov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Feasibility Analysis of the Production of Hot-Rolled Ferritic-Martensitic Steels on a 2000 Mill

V. F. D’yachenko, S. V. Denisov, A. V. Gorbunov, A. G. Vetrenko, G. V. Shchurov, A. I. Brus’yanina, V. A. Pimenov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Method of determining the energy-force characteristics and other parameters of the helical rolling of bars and tubes on universal mill PVP 20-60

E. I. Panov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Assessment of porosity and structure of powder materials based on mechanically activated Ni-Fe-NaCl charges

Yu. G. Dorofeev, S. N. Sergeenko, R. V. Kolomiets, S. I. Shevtsova, A. V. Ganshin, A. V. Skripets

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Self-organizing phenomena in bainite steels

V. P. Kopaleishvili, I. G. Kashakashvili, L. B. Kereselidze, O. G. Ioseliani

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Production of continuous-cast blanks for rod and wire drawing at KUZOTsM

N. S. Arsent’eva, E. A. Kazantsev, L. M. Zheleznyak, A. N. Tikhonyak

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Developing vibration-damping spring steels to reduce factory noise

I. P. Zalikanova

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Commercial trials of a new process for the ladle vacuum-degassing of steel at the Severstal Combine

A. V. Lyk’yanov, A. P. Shchegolev, I. I. Karpukhin, A. M. Sorokin, A. V. Pogozhev, A. A. Nemtinov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Model for controlling processes in the ladle treatment of steel

E. Kh. Shakhpazov, A. I. Zaitsev, N. G. Shaposhnikov, I. G. Rodionova

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Prevention of overgrowth on submerged nozzles during casting of steel deoxidized by aluminum

K. N. Vdovin, A. V. Rusakov, K. A. Lisichkina

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Use of thermally expanded graphite for protection of a furnace smelting chamber

V. I. Antonov, A. A. Kudrin, N. V. Kostyleva, V. A. Anisimov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Improving lining systems for metallurgical equipment

A. G. Levada, D. N. Makarov, V. I. Antonov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Improvement of production process for 08-12Kh18N10T steel

A. G. Levada, V. I. Antonov, O. K. Tokovoi, S. M. Fomchenko

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Use of heating materials in the bottom-pouring of steel

A. G. Levada, D. N. Makarov, V. I. Khyakkinen, V. D. Khvastunov

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Mastering a technology for the continuous casting of steel on section casters at the Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine

A. G. Levada, D. N. Makarov, V. I. Antonov, A. G. Zyryanov, N. N. Kuz’kina

01-05-2008 | Issue 5-6/2008

Classifying internal defects in forgings based on flaw-detection patterns obtained by ultrasound

V. P. Nikitin, I. V. Korotyshev, V. N. Artyushov, E. O. Sinitsyn, A. A. Kudrin

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