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Metallurgist 7-8/2012

Issue 7-8/2012

Table of Contents ( 27 Articles )

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Calculation of the compensation of a stamping tool after springback in the software package pam-stamp

A. A. Ershov, V. V. Kotov, Yu. N. Loginov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Mathematical model of buildup growth rate in a metallization furnace

A. S. Timofeeva, T. V. Nikitchenko, A. A. Kozhukhov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Study of the mechanical strength of brex. Part 1

A. M. Bizhanov, I. F. Kurunov, N. M. Durov, D. V. Nushtaev, S. A. Ryzhov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Improvement of special steel quality as a result of using fosulis immersion nozzles designed by techcom

R. Köhl, V. V. Enders, I. A. Bondarenko

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Study of the effect of the characteristics of harmonic mold-oscillation regimes on the surface quality of continuous-cast ingots

A. Yu. Tsuprun, A. V. Fedosov, V. V. Kislitsa, D. V. Pashchuk

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Study of the crystallization of large forging ingots with a reconfigured bottom part

N. A. Zyuban, D. V. Rutskii, S. B. Gamanyuk, A. N. Galkin, I. R. Sibgatullin

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Study of microstructure and properties of ultrahigh-strength pipe steel of strength category x120 prepared under laboratory conditions

Yu. D. Morozov, I. A. Simbukhov, D. L. Dyakonov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Effect of temperature for the start of finish rolling on coiled steel X70 microstructure and cold resistance

S. Yu. Nastich, S. V. Soya, M. A. Molostov, I. S. Vasiliev, N. B. Dyakonova

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Development of technology for strengthening gray cast iron components by heating in contact with iron scale

Yu. G. Gurevich, V. E. Ovsyannikov, V. A. Frolov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Technology for processing high-speed steel turnings by powder metallurgy using a high-molecular compound

V. P. Reva, D. V. Onishchenko

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Recycling tailings from nickel plants that process oxide ores by ammonia-carbonate technology

A. S. Medvedev, O. V. Sannikova

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Improving the quality of strips made of a copper-silver alloy

A. I. Snigirev, L. M. Zheleznyak, E. A. Shushakova

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

The strategy of the Siemens Company in regard to controlling steel production with the use of new it applications

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Growth prospects of the Russian aluminum market

Aluminum Forum in Siberia
L. Hazanov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Automated system for monitoring supplies of ferrous-metal scrap

A. G. Chizhikov, S. E. Enzel, P. I. Chernousov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Use of the program SYSWELD to analyze residual stresses and strains after the welding of pressure vessels

G. A. Bilenko

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Processing properties of oxide-carbon briquettes with a complex binder

I. L. Gonik, O. P. Bondareva, N. A. Novitskiy, A. G. Tyupina

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Introduction of a technology for the pulsed alternating purging of steel in pouring ladles at the Belarus Metallurgical Plant

E. E. Schumacher, M. Yu. Semenyak, V. V. Smoktiy, V. G. Porokhnyavyi, A. S. Zazyan

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Effect of ferrite-pearlite microstructure on structural steel properties

L. I. Gladshtein, N. P. Larionova, B. F. Belyaev

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Change in X80 steel plate mechanical properties during pipe manufacture

M. B. Klyukvin, V. G. Ordin, Yu. I. Matrosov, A. Yu. Loskutov, Yu. A. Zinchenko, N. V. Kolyasnikova, V. I. Levchenko, R. I. Sagirov, G. N. Konovalov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Use of impedance spectroscopy for evaluating pipe steel susceptibility towards hydrogenation and hydrogen cracking

E. S. Ivanov, P. P. Stepanov, Yu. V. Ryabov, D. V. Kudashov, A. L. Klyuev

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Mastering the production of hot-rolled seamless tubes in the line of the PQF mill of the 10 3/4″ tube-rolling complex at the TAGMET company with the use of foreign-made lubricants and deoxidants

I. Yu. Pyshmintsev, V. I. Kuznetsov, N. P. Samkova, A. A. Krivosheev

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Improving the fracture toughness and wear resistance of hard-faced hot-rolling-mill rolls

E. N. Shebanits, N. I. Omelyanenko, Yu. N. Kurakin, V. N. Matvienko, L. K. Leshchinskii, B. E. Dubinskii, K. K. Stepnov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Study of the structure and properties of a wrought Al–Mg–Mn aluminum alloy on a Gleeble 3800 simulator designed for physical modeling of thermomechanical processes

A. Yu. Churyumov, A. I. Bazlov, A. A. Tsar’kov, A. V. Mikhaylovskaya

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Improved process conditions for the production of super-duty bronze wire

L. N. Marushchak, L. M. Zheleznyak, S. I. Parshakov, N. V. Maslov

01-11-2012 | Issue 7-8/2012

Current requirements and metallurgical aspects of improving the corrosion resistance and other service properties of carbon steels and low-alloy steels

III International Conference
A. A. Bykov

01-11-2012 | Erratum | Issue 7-8/2012

Erratum to: Application of a linearly decreasing weight particle swarm to optimize the process conditions of al matrix nanocomposites

M. O. Shabani, A. Mazahery

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