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Metallurgist 7-8/2018

Issue 7-8/2018

Table of Contents ( 29 Articles )

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Environmental Protection Improvement of Fabric-Filter Cleaning of Process and Ventilation Gases at the Kazzinc LLC Ust-Kamenogorsk Metallurgical Complex

V. V. Zapasnyi, D. A. Asanov, K. B. Takeev, A. T. Ermekova, A. A. Ivanov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Investigation of the Process of Screw Rolling in a Four-Roll Stand by Simulation

B. A. Romantsev, Tran Ba Huy, M. M. Skripalenko, M. N. Skripalenko, A. A. Gartvig, Yu. A. Gladkov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Diagnostic and Automatic Adjustment Algorithms for a Non-Destructive Statistical Monitoring System for the Mechanical Properties of Hot-Rolled Metal Stock

O. S. Khlybov, D. V. Khrameshin, Z. K. Kabakov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Mathematical Simulation of the Process of Nickel Oxide Recovery in a Tube-Type Rotary Kiln

Yu. V. Sharikov, Liu Zi Feng

14-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Analysis of Economic and Energy Efficiency of Using Electric-Arc Reduction for Iron-Containing Materials

L. A. Zainullin, A. Yu. Epishin, V. G. Karelin, D. A. Artov, N. A. Spirin

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Numerical Analysis and Design of an Efficient System of Unloading of Lime from a Shaft Burning Furnace

S. P. Eron’ko, M. Yu. Tkachev, E. V. Oshovskaya, E. N. Smirnov, V. A. Sklyar

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Effect of Charge Basicity of Two Compositions on MnO Reduction During Smelting Ferromanganese

D. Mwana Bute Ngoy, M. Kalenga wa Kalenga, M. Tangstad

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Ladle Desulfurization of Converter Low-Sulfur Pipe Steel

S. N. Ushakov, V. A. Bigeev, A. M. Stolyarov, M. V. Potapova

19-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Heating Regime and Thermostatic Control of Slabs During Hot Loading

S. V. Lukin

14-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Improvement in Operating Efficiency of Continuous Casting Machine Slab Rolls

E. I. Voz’yanov, O. V. Korobka, О. V. Кaraulanov, L. K. Leshchinskii, V. N. Matvienko

19-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Analytical Dependences for Determining Specific Pressures Along the Length of the Deformation Zone in Tube Cold Rolling Mills

É. Ya. Klassen, A. G. Kolesnikov, D. S. Cherepanov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Correlation of Structure and Fractographic Characteristics of High-Strength Pipe Steel Welded Joint Metal Failure Micro-Mechanism

L. A. Efimenko, A. A. Ramus’, D. V. Ponomarenko, R. O. Ramus’

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Reengineering of the Slab-Centering Unit of a Roughing Mill Stand

N. A. Chichenev

14-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Features of Gas-Thermal Coating Structure Formed by HVAF Method from Powder Material Based on Fe–Cr14–Ni6–Si3

R. D. Bakaeva, L. Kh. Baldaev, D. Z. Ishmukhametov, A. Yu. Rashkovskii

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Roll Briquetting for Recycling of Aluminum Wire

N. A. Babailov, Yu. N. Loginov, L. I. Polyanskii, D. N. Pervukhina

14-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Optimization of the Slag Composition in Ladle Treatment of Steel for Increasing the Resistance of Refractories and Promoting Slag Reuse

O. Yu. Sheshukov, M. A. Mikheenkov, I. V. Nekrasov, A. A. Metelkin, D. K. Egiazar’yan

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Electromagnetic Metal Level Sensor in a Billet Mold

I. V. Terekhin, S. A. Romanov, I. S. Savin

16-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Current State, New Solutions and Prospects for Production of ESR Hollow Ingots in Russia

L. Ya. Levkov, M. A. Kissel’man, D. A. Shurygin, I. A. Ivanov, A. S. Lesunov, A. V. Krasovskii

16-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Study of Impact Toughness Anisotropy and Tendency Towards Lamination of Strenx 650 MC and Strenx 700 MC Steels After Thermomechanical Rolling

V. M. Goritskii, G. R. Shneiderov, I. A. Guseva

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Effect of Production Factors on Main Oil Pipeline Pipe Metal Property Formation

B. S. Ermakov, N. O. Shaposhnikov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

М/А-Constituent in Bainitic Low Carbon High Strength Steel Structure. Part 1

A. A. Kichkina, M. Yu. Matrosov, L. I. Éfron, D. A. Ringinen, I. V. Lyasotskii, E. V. Shul’ga, A. A. Efimov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Autoclave Ammonia Leaching of Silver from Low-Grade Copper Concentrates

K. A. Karimov, D. A. Rogozhnikov, S. S. Naboichenko, L. M. Karimova, S. V. Zakhar’yan

16-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Features of Melting Alloys Based on Titanium Nickelide in Inert Ceramic Crucibles

O. G. Ospennikova, A. G. Evgenov, E. B. Chabina, E. V. Filonova, V. A. Ignatov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Materials Based on Refractory Metals for Manufacturing High-Temperature Engineering Components

R. V. Batienkov, A. N. Bol’shakova, I. Yu. Efimochkin

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Structure and Efficiency of Gas-Dynamic Deposition of Hybrid Coatings Based on a Nanocrystalline Aluminum Matrix

A. V. Aborkin, M. I. Alymov, A. V. Kireev, A. V. Sobol’kov, V. E. Arkhipov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Production of Highly Reinforced Dispersion-Strengthened Composite Material Based on Aluminum by Internal Oxidation

E. A. Chernyshov, A. D. Romanov, E. A. Romanova

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

New Functional-Gradient TiB–TiC–BC–WC Coating Formed by the Method of Laser Cladding

A. I. Gorunov

15-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

“Titanium–Silver-Substituted Calcium Phosphates” Plasma Coatings: Properties, Comparison, and Prospects of Application

A. V. Lyasnikova, O. A. Markelova, O. A. Dudareva, I. P. Grishina, V. N. Lyasnikov

20-11-2018 | Issue 7-8/2018

Load Distribution Optimization Based on Max-Min Ant Colony Algorithm in Hot Strip Rolling Process

Ding Jing-Guo, Ma Geng-Sheng, Peng Wen

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