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Metallurgist 9-10/2011

Issue 9-10/2011

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Using the fault-tree method to analyze possible causes of accidents in the casting-rolling complex at OMK-Steel in Vyksa

B. S. Mastryukov, O. A. Fomicheva

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Complex of model systems for supporting decisions made in managing blast-furnace smelting technology

N. A. Spirin, V. V. Lavrov, A. A. Burykin, V. Yu. Rybolovlev, A. V. Krasnobaev, I. E. Kosachenko

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Analyzing the energy balance of an arc steelmaking furnace at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine and choosing its operating regimes

L. A. Koptsev

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Study of the efficiency of using process dust in a layer of foamed slag in an oxygen converter

A. A. Kozhukhov

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Modeling gas-jet dust-cleaning above the blowing zone in an oxygen converter

A. A. Kozhukhov, E. E. Merker, A. A. Shevchenko

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Technical solutions for controlling flows of melts in the tundishes of continuous casters

V. N. Gushchin, V. A. Ulyanov, V. A. Vasiliev

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Saving energy by using temporary coatings to protect metal being heated prior to shaping

Sh. B. Manyurov, V. A. Kapitanov, A. V. Kuklev, Yu. M. Aizin, L. A. Kulichev

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Optimizing the production of coke, coal chemicals, and steel on the basis of environmental and energy criteria

I. A. Sultanguzin, M. V. Isaev, S. Yu. Kurzanov

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Effect of chemical composition and production parameters of hot rolling and recrystallization annealing in continuous hot dip galvanizing units on the structure and properties of high-strength low-alloy steels

S. V. Yashchuk, I. G. Rodionova, A. I. Zaitsev, N. G. Shaposhnikov, A. I. Gordienko, V. V. Krylov-Olefirenko

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Optimization of homogenizing annealing for Al–Zn5.5–Mg2.5–Cu1.5 alloy

V. Vajsova

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Multilayer nanostructured heat-generating coatings. Preparation and certification of mechanical and tribological properties

E. A. Levashov, M. I. Petrzhik, M. Ya. Tyurina, F. V. Kiryukhantsev-Korneev, P. A. Tsygankov, A. S. Rogachev

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Use of heat pumps in the heat supply system of a factory and a city

A. A. Potapova, I. A. Sultanguzin

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Determination of the stability of cable thermocouples at the upper limit of their working temperature range

A. A. Ulanovskii, S. I Kalimulina, A. M. Belenkii, A. N. Bursin, L. N. Dergausova

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Predictions of scenarios for the consumption of scrap metal in ferrous metallurgy

O. V. Golubev, A. S. Korotchenko, P. I. Chernousov

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Spray forming – a promising process for making high-quality steels and alloys

V. Lachenicht, G. Scharf, D. Zebrowski, A. Shalimov

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Choice of furnace for processing scrap in metallurgical steel works

I. V. Butorina, R. A. Tikhonov, E. P. Anisimov, A. S. Terekhin

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Commercial methods of recycling dust from steelmaking

I. E. Doronin, A. G. Svyazhin

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Evaluating the feasibility of recycling steelmaking dust in cupolas

E. S. Emel’yanova, I. V. Butorina

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Effect of rolling heating and deformation and accelerated cooling regimes on mechanical property formation for rolled steel sheet of strength class Kh80

Yu. D. Morozov, A. A. Naumenko, I. V. Lyasotskii

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Aspects of the loading of a plug mill during gripping of the semifinished product

Yu. B. Chechulin, G. L. Baranov, V. M. Ziomkovskii, Yu. V. Pesin

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Using the finite-elements method to optimize the compression and spreading of a tubular semifinished product without a mandrel

A. A. Bogatov, D. A. Vitkin

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Dynamic strength of the tool in the shaping of two- and three-component semifinished products from metal powders

L. S. Kokhan, A. V. Shulgin, L. M. Semenova

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Innovative flow chart for the sorptive recovery of cobalt and nickel from solutions used in the underground leaching of copper

D. S. Panov, A. G. Sudnev, V. I. Skorokhodov

01-01-2011 | Issue 9-10/2011

Modification of heat-resistant nickel alloy with a combined inoculator

A. B. Korostelev, S. N. Zherebtsov, I. P. Sokolov, D. A. Chumak-Zhun

01-01-2011 | Erratum | Issue 9-10/2011

Erratum: To the article “Selenium and Tellurium: state of the markets, the crisis, and its consequences” by A. V. Naumov, Vol. 54, Nos. 3–4, pages 197–200, July, 2010

A. V. Naumov

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