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Metallurgist 9-10/2018

Issue 9-10/2018

Table of Contents ( 32 Articles )

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Computer Simulation of Piercing in a Four-High Screw Rolling Mill

B. A. Romantsev, M. M. Skripalenko, Tran Ba Huy, M. N. Skripalenko, Yu. A. Gladkov, A. A. Gartvig

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Ways of Improving Blast Furnace Smelting Efficiency with Injection of Coal-Dust Fuel and Natural Gas

I. F. Kurunov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Effect of the Thermal Insulation of the Inner Wall on the Thermal Condition of the Air Tuyeres of Blast Furnaces

Yu. S. Tarasov, A. G. Radyuk, S. M. Gorbatyuk

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Use of Alternative Carbon Sources for Slag Foaming in Electric Arc Furnaces

A. Yu. Kem

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Effect of Ferrite Content on High-Temperature Strength of 12% Chromium Steels with a Ferritic-Martensitic Structure

M. Yu. Belomytsev, S. M. Obraztsov, A. V. Molyarov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Manufacture of High-Carbon Ferrochrome Using Anthracite

A. G. Kaliakparov, S. R. Baltabaev, V. M. Strakhov, A. A. Mukhtar

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Effect of Chemical Composition and Microstructure Parameters on Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Corrosion Resistance

I. G. Rodionova, M. V. Feoktistova, O. N. Baklanova, A. V. Amezhnov, D. L. D’yakonov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Heat Treatment Regime Optimization for High-Strength Low-Carbon Steel Forged Slabs

V. V. Tsukanov, V. G Milyuts, O. E. Nigmatulin, S. A. Golosienko, S. V. Efimov, A. G. Pavlova

26-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Development of Technology and Assimilation of Production for Alloy VZh172 Rolled Product

I. V. Kabanov, A. A. Gorbushkin, A. V. Razvorotneva, A. A. Mironov, G. V. Isaeva

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Study of the Metal Properties and Structure of a Large Shell Made of 15Kh2MFA Steel

I. V. Teplukhina, V. I. Bogdanov, O. Yu. Zaitseva, E. L. Shamrai, A. S. Tsvetkov

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Developing High-Speed Rolling Schedules for Tramrails in Continuous Reversing Train

S. V. Smetanin, V. N. Peretyat’ko

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Promising Areas of Chemical and Microbiological Treatment of Nonferrous and Precious Metal Mineral Resources

V. Zh. Arens, L. V. Shumilova, M. I. Fazlullin, G. Kh. Khcheyan

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Production Features for Preparing Semifinished Sheet of Hypereutectic Alloys Based on the Aluminum–Cerium System

P. S. Evseev, N. V. Eremeev, A. P. Petrov, A. V. Bespalov, V. V. Eremeev

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Preparation of Aluminum–Carbon Nanotubes Composite Material by Hot Pressing

M. P. Kuz’min, N. A. Ivanov, V. V. Kondrat’ev, V. G. Grigor’ev, M. Yu. Kuz’mina, A. I. Begunov, A. S. Kuz’mina, N. N. Ivanchik

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Physical Modelling of Hot Rolling for Low-Density Alloy of the Al–Mg–Li–Zr–Zn–Sc System

Ya. A. Erisov, F. V. Grechnikov

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Prediction of Saturation and Strength Properties of a Nitrided Layer of Nickel Alloy 40KhNYu-VI Based on Calculation Methods

Ding Kai Jian, M. Yu. Semenov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Simulation of Continuous Roll Forming Process for Producing Welded Pipes of Small and Medium Diameters

A. P. Kolikov, I. M. Taupek

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Analysis of the Blast-Furnace Process at High Smelting Rate

S. V. Filatov, A. V. Lozovich, V. N. Titov, S. A. Zagainov, I. F. Kurunov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Effect of the Precompaction Pressure on the Density Distribution in a Metallurgical Briquette During Roller Pressing

Yu. N. Loginov, N. A. Babailov, L. I. Polyanskii

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Metal Evaporation in the Area of an Anode Spot in Plasma and Direct Current Arc Steel Smelting Furnaces

L. M. Simonyan, A. A. Alpatova

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Effect of Temperature-Deformation Treatment Regime for Special Alloy Steels on Rolled Product Structural State and Properties

A. V. Koldaev, A. V. Amezhnov, A. I. Zaitsev, A. B. Stepanov

26-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Evaluation Criterion for Forging Ingot Steel Inclination Towards Liquation

A. N. Romashkin, V. S. Dub, D. S. Tolstykh, I. A. Ivanov, A. N. Mal’ginov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Mastering the Production of Blanks for Gas-Turbine Engines and Power Units in the 200 MN Die-Forging Press

S. G. Glushenkova, K. A. Polozhentsev, A. I. Dmitriev, A. Yu. Bogachev, G. Yu. Lukonin, D. S. Penkin

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Production of Hollow Railroad Axles by Screw Piercing and Radial Forging

V. P. Romanenko, P. P. Stepanov, S. M. Kriskovich

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Complete Evaluation of Extruded Aluminum Section and Semiproduct Mechanical Properties Under Conditions of Typical Regional Manufacturer Altek

E. N. Smirnov, V. A. Sklyar, M. V. Mitrofanov, O. E. Smirnov, V. A. Belevitin, A. N. Smirnov

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Radial-Shear Rolling of Titanium Alloy VT-8 Bars with Controlled Structure for Small Diameter Ingots (≤200 mm)

B. V. Karpov, P. V. Patrin, S. P. Galkin, E. A. Kharitonov, I. B. Karpov

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Development of Waelz-Oxide Hydrometallurgical Processing Technology with Preparation of Carbonized Lead Cake

S. A. Yakornov, A. M. Pan’shin, P. A. Kozlov, D. A. Ivakin, E. V. Golubeva

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Development of a Production Scheme for Processing Rebellious Gold-Containing Flotation Concentrates by Autoclave Oxidation

I. R. Boboev, Sh. Bobozoda, L. S. Strizhko

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Selection of Conversion Layer Applied Beneath Thread Lubricant Coating

T. N. Churikova, N. P. Samkova

29-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Sorption Extraction of Vanadium Compounds from Acid Solutions with Finely Divided Modified Aluminosilicate

D. P. Ordinartsev, A. V. Sviridov, S. S. Naboichenko, V. V. Yurchenko

25-01-2018 | Issue 9-10/2018

Device for One- and Two-Sided Molding of Refractory Metal Powders Into Electric-Arc Melting Electrode Workpieces

L. A. Barkov, M. N. Samodurova, R. A. Zakirov, Yu. S. Latfulina

30-01-2018 | Author Correction | Issue 9-10/2018

Correction to: Creep Deformation of Carbon-Based Cathode Materials for Low-Temperature Aluminum Electrolysis

Wei Wang, Weijie Chen, Wanduo Gu

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