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Metallurgist Volume 62, Number 12


Obtaining Multi-Component Pellets from Finely Dispersed Chromium Concentrates, Refined Ferrochrome Slags and Diatomite Raw Materials of Kazakhstan

High-strength multi-component chrome pellets with specified physical and chemical characteristics were obtained for smelting chromium ferroalloys in the electric arc furnaces by mixing finely dispersed chromium concentrates, refined ferrochrome …


Development of Hot-Pressing Technology for Production of Aluminum-Based Metal-Matrix Composite Materials

A hot-pressing technology for producing aluminum-based metal-matrix composite materials used to manufacture liquid-cooled base plates of electronic modules of active phased antenna arrays (APAA) was developed and tested. The technology involves …


Prediction of Ferroalloy Properties for Expert Evaluation of the Efficiency of their Use During Addition to Steel in a Ladle Furnace Unit

A procedure is developed for calculating criteria for estimation and evaluation of chemical and structural micro-inhomogeneity of ferroalloy production melts. Models are proposed for predicting semi-empirical models of physical and chemical …


Testing of the Technology of Radial-Shear Rolling and Predesigning Selection of Rolling Minimills for the Adaptable Production of Titanium Rods with Small Cross Sections Under the Conditions of the “CHMP” JSC

We perform the experimental testing of the technological capabilities of radial-shear rolling (RSR) in minimills aimed at the production of titanium bars with diameters of 10-40 mm from billets produced at the “Chepetskii Mechanical Plant” JSC …

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Published since 1956, Metallurgist is the leading Russian journal in metallurgy. Coverage includes metallurgy of ferrous and nonferrous, rare and precious metals, equipment and automation, work and environmental safety, new inventions and patents, resources and energy savings, quality and certification, and more.

Metallurgist is a translation of the peer-reviewed Russian journal Metallurg.

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