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Microsystem Technologies

Microsystem Technologies 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Special Issues on Four International Conferences: Applied System Innovation 2016, DTIP 2016, SmaSys 2016, and Wafer Bond 2015

Table of Contents ( 93 Articles )

03-07-2017 | Editorial | Issue 1/2018

Special Issue: International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI 2016)

Sheng-Joue Young, Teen-Hang Meen, Ajit Khosla, B. Michel

13-08-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Identity authentication by sensed acoustic voices from a speaking person using an efficient GMM-SVM dual modeling framework

Ing-Jr Ding, Zih-Jheng Lin

13-08-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Design of fast logarithmic converters with high accuracy for digital camera application

Chao-Tsung Kuo, Tso-Bing Juang

07-09-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Maximum torque per ampere control of IPMSM drive by fuzzy logic

Ming-Shyan Wang, Min-Fu Hsieh, Ying-Shieh Kung, Guan Ting Lin

01-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A novel printhead multiplexer data registration chip system with injection cavity design

Jian-Chiun Liou, Te-Jen Su, Wen-Chieh Lin, Wei-Jie Wen

01-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Speed control of brushless DC motor by adaptive network-based fuzzy inference

Ming-Shyan Wang, Seng-Chi Chen, Cih-Huei Shih

03-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Particle swarm optimization application on a micro grid for energy savings

Tsun-Jen Cheng, Cheng-Ting Hsu, R. Korimara, Yih-Der Lee, Yung-Ruei Chang

01-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Random dispersion effects of conductive particles on anisotropic conductive film’s (ACF’s) bonding yield

Chao-Ming Lin, Mao-Chieh Chi, Yen-Chun Liu

30-09-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Ethanol gas sensors based on multi-wall carbon nanotubes on oxidized Si substrate

S. J. Young, Z. D. Lin

11-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Error-tolerability enhancement via bit inversion and median filtering for single-bit errors in image processing circuits

Tong-Yu Hsieh, Yi-Han Peng, Kuan-Chih Cheng, Tai-Ang Cheng

18-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Wide-range CMOS reference clock generator with a dynamic duty cycle scaling mechanism at a 0.9-V supply voltage

Wei-Bin Yang, Yu-Lung Lo, Kuo-Ning Chang, Yu-Yao Lin

27-10-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

FPGA-realization of a sensorless speed controller for PMSM drives using novel sliding mode observer

Ying-Shieh Kung, Risfendra Risfendra, Yi-De Lin, Liang-Chiao Huang

08-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A digital crystal-less clock generator using a phase error corrector

Jen-Chieh Liu, Pei-Ying Lee, Cheng-Hsing Hsu, Ching-Fang Tseng, Chao-Jen Huang, Yo-Hao Tu

09-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Synthesis and optoelectronic properties of Ga-doped ZnO nanorods by hydrothermal method

Sheng-Joue Young, Chia-Lin Chiou

15-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A current-controlled oscillator with temperature, voltage, and process compensation

Wei-Bin Yang, Jen-Shiun Chiang, Ching-Tsan Cheng, Chi-Hsiung Wang, Horng-Yuan Shih, Jia-Liang Syu, Cing-Huan Chen, Yu-Lung Lo

17-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

On the asymptotic behaviors of time homogeneous Markov chains in two-inertia systems

Feng-Rung Hu, Jia-Sheng Hu

16-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A study of fuzzy control with ant colony algorithm used in mobile robot for shortest path planning and obstacle avoidance

Chih-Ta Yen, Ming-Feng Cheng

22-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A fast-lock and low-power DLL-based clock generator applied for DDR4

Yu-Lung Lo, Wei-Bin Yang, Han-Hsien Wang, Cing-Huan Chen, Zi-Ang Huang

22-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Mean arterial pressure control system using model predictive control and particle swarm optimization

Te-Jen Su, Shih-Ming Wang, Hong-Quan Vu, Jau-Ji Jou, Cheuk-Kwan Sun

25-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A multiple bio-signal measurement analysis and warning system for the long-term health care of severe disabled

Chung-Min Wu, Shih-Chung Chen, Yeou-Jiunn Chen

25-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Combination of micro and cloud-based system to ambulance

Chi-Chieh Chen, Pei-Jarn Chen, Bao-Tein Chen, Chung-Min Hsu

07-12-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Analytical subthreshold current modeling of nanoscale ultra-thin body ultra-thin box SOI MOSFETs with a vertical gaussian doping profile

Sufen Wei, Guohe Zhang, Huixiang Huang, Jing Liu, Zhibiao Shao, Li Geng, Cheng-Fu Yang

30-11-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Synthesis and characteristics of the nano-scaled YBO3:sm3+ phosphors applied to improve the efficiency of solar cells

Hao-Ying Lu

08-12-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Applying fuzzy decision for a single channel SSVEP-based BCI on automatic feeding robot

Shih-Chung Chen, Chung-Min Wu, Ilham A. E. Zaeni, Yeou-Jiunn Chen

31-12-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Bot detection using unsupervised machine learning

Wei Wu, Jaime Alvarez, Chengcheng Liu, Hung-Min Sun

20-12-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Area-efficient and highly accurate antilogarithmic converters with multiple regions of constant compensation schemes

Chao-Tsung Kuo, Tso-Bing Juang

20-12-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Design and simulate the properties of triangular periodic nanoparticle arrays with the structure of bi-layer hexagonal lattice

Jing Liu, Zhifeng Zheng, Chaoyang Chen, Guangsong Yang, Cheng-Fu Yang

11-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

The performance analysis of photovoltaic generation using the improved incremental conductance method under varying solar irradiance

Jeeng-Min Ling, Ping-Hsun Liu

31-12-2016 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

FPGA-realization of a self-tuning PID controller for X–Y table with RBF neural network identification

Ying-Shieh Kung, Hoang Than, Tzu-Yao Chuang

18-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Investigating the design parameters on spiral micro-channel by using Fibonacci sequence and Taguchi method

Cheng-Hsing Hsu, Jui-Chin Jiang, Hung-Son Dang, Thi-Anh-Tuyet Nguyen, Ching-Chuan Chang

28-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A hybrid session key exchange algorithm for highly-sensitive IP-based institutional communications

Zheng-Yun Zhuang, Yi-Chang Hsu, Kimmo Nurmi, Chih-Yung Chen, Hsing-Hua Liu, Tzu-Shan Tseng

11-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Application of ZnO micro rods on the composite photo-electrode of dye sensitized solar cells

Tung-Lung Wu, Teen-Hang Meen, Shi-Mian Chao, Liang-Wen Ji, Li-Chi Shih, Chiung-Hsien Huang, Jenn-Kai Tsai, Tien-Chuan Wu

31-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Intelligent molecular orientation transformation in 3D printing system

Ying-Tsang Lo, Chin-Jui Liu, Shyh-Kuang Ueng, Tun-Wen Pai

13-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

0.35 μm CMOS–MEMS low-mechanical-noise micro accelerometer

Ja-Hao Chen, Chih-Wei Huang

08-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Eye to hand calibration using ANFIS for stereo vision-based object manipulation system

Taryudi, Ming-Shyan Wang

15-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

System satisfaction survey for the App to integrate search and augmented reality with geographical information technology

Chen-Chiou Chiu, Lai-Chung Lee

18-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Investigation of the composites of epoxy and micro-scale BaTi4O9 ceramic powder as the substrate of microwave communication circuit

Guociang Peng, Chia-Ching Wu, Chien-Chen Diao, Cheng-Fu Yang

28-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Effects of anodization parameters on the corrosion resistance of 6061 Al alloy using the Taguchi method

I. C. Chung, C. K. Chung, Y. K. Su

23-12-2017 | Editorial | Issue 1/2018

Special issue on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS, 2016

Pascal Nouet, Bernd Michel

11-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Micro-cantilevers for optical sensing of biogenic amines

Ying Wang, Carlos André Bravo Costa, Elzbieta Karolina Sobolewska, Jacek Fiutowski, Robert Brehm, Jörg Albers, Eric Nebling, Fabian Lofink, Bernhard Wagner, Wolfgang Benecke, Horst-Günter Rubahn, Roana de Oliveira Hansen

27-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Gallium nitride MEMS resonators: how residual stress impacts design and performances

Christophe Morelle, Didier Théron, Joff Derluyn, Stefan Degroote, Marianne Germain, Victor Zhang, Lionel Buchaillot, Bertrand Grimbert, Pascal Tilmant, François Vaurette, Isabelle Roch-Jeune, Virginie Brandli, Vanessa Avramovic, Etienne Okada, Marc Faucher

31-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Measurement and characterisation of displacement and temperature of polymer based electrothermal microgrippers

Muaiyd H. M. Al-Zandi, Changhai Wang, Rodica Voicu, Raluca Muller

28-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Antireflective polymer films via roll to roll UV nanoimprint lithography using an AAO mold

Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Deng-Maw Lu, Po-Hsiang Wang, Wen-Yu Lee, Muhammad Omar Shaikh

30-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Thermo-mechanical analysis of laser peeling of ultrathin glass for removing edge flaws in web processing applications

Kuo-Shen Chen, Tian-Shiang Yang, Ron-Can Hong, Tz-Cheng Chiu, Mao-Chi Lin

13-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Development of a 2D array of micromachined electromagnetic digital actuators for micro-conveyance applications

Zhichao Shi, Benoît Bélier, Emile Martincic, Laurent Petit, Johan Moulin, Elie Lefeuvre, Jérémy Terrien, Christine Prelle, Frédéric Lamarque

23-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Compact modeling approach for microchannel cooling and its validation

Márton Németh, Gábor Takács, Lázár Jani, András Poppe

24-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Thermal modelling of integrated microscale heatsink structures

Gy. Bognár, G. Takács, L. Pohl, P. G. Szabó

28-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Theoretical and finite element analysis of dynamic deformation in resonating micromirrors

Russell Farrugia, Ivan Grech, Duncan Camilleri, Owen Casha, Edward Gatt, Joseph Micallef

03-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Solid-state pH sensor prototype for real-time monitoring of the rumen pH value of Japanese cows

Lan Zhang, Jian Lu, Hirofumi Nogami, Hironao Okada, Toshihiro Itoh, Shozo Arai

20-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Design optimization for an SOI MOEMS accelerometer

Adrian J. T. Teo, Holden King-Ho Li, Say Hwa Tan, Yong-Jin Yoon

21-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018 Open Access

Design, simulation and analysis of a digital RF MEMS varactor using thick SU-8 polymer

Noor Amalina Ramli, Tughrul Arslan, Nakul Haridas, Wei Zhou

06-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Pin-count reduction for continuous flow microfluidic biochips

Alexander Schneider, Paul Pop, Jan Madsen

08-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Solar cell efficiency improvement employing down-shifting silicon quantum dots

Rosendo Lopez-Delgado, H. J. Higuera-Valenzuela, A. Zazueta-Raynaud, A. Ramos-Carrazco, J. E. Pelayo, D. Berman-Mendoza, M. E. Álvarez-Ramos, Arturo Ayon

24-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Integrated 0–30 V switching driver circuit fabricated by mesa isolation postprocess of standard 5 V CMOS LSI for MEMS actuator applications

Yuki Okamoto, Yoshio Mita

24-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Fabrication and test of RF MEMS in LTCC technology

Andrea Lucibello, Romolo Marcelli, Ernesto Di Paola, Sergio Di Nardo, Daniele Pochesci, Renato Croci, Chiara Germani

18-05-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

3D force sensors for laparoscopic surgery tool

János Radó, Csaba Dücső, Péter Földesy, Gábor Szebényi, Zbigniew Nawrat, Kamil Rohr, Péter Fürjes

19-07-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Performance of I-shaped piezoelectric-excited millimeter-sized cantilever in sensing applications: modeling, simulation and experiment

Mehrdad Aghamohammadi, Mahnaz Shamshirsaz, Amir Hossein Rezaie

10-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Influence of deposition temperature during LPCVD on surface properties of ultrathin polysilicon films

Marcin Michałowski, Rodica Voicu, Cosmin Obreja, Angela Baracu, Raluca Muller, Zygmunt Rymuza

18-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Effect of Au nanoparticles on the performance of hybrid solar cells

Manisha Sharma, Rosendo Lopez-Delgado, Arturo A. Ayon

13-10-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

C-band optical filters with micromechanical tuning

Dooyoung Hah

10-11-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A novel design of a low-voltage low-loss T-match RF-MEMS capacitive switch

Li-Ya Ma, Anis Nurashikin Nordin, Norhayati Soin

23-10-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Wafer-level micropackaging in thin film technology for RF MEMS applications

A. Persano, P. Siciliano, F. Quaranta, A. Taurino, A. Lucibello, Romolo Marcelli, G. Capoccia, E. Proietti, A. Bagolini, J. Iannacci

25-11-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Design and analysis of a boosted pierce oscillator using MEMS SAW resonators

Mohd Haidar Hamzah, Jamilah Karim, Aliza Aini Md Ralib, Anis Nurashikin Nordin

01-01-2018 | Editorial | Issue 1/2018

Special issue on 4th International Conference on Smart Systems Engineering (SmaSys 2016)

Ajit Khosla, Hidemitsu Furukawa, Bernd Michel

29-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Investigation of polycyanurate/benzoxazine curing system

Mao-Chun Fu, Takaaki Uno, Mitsuru Ueda, Tomoya Higashihara

19-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Alignment of Ag nanoparticles with graft copolymer bearing thiocarbonyl moieties

Sajjad Husain Mir, Kyohei Ebata, Hiromu Yanagiya, Bungo Ochiai

23-06-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Fabrication of cell-derived decellularized matrices on three-dimensional (3D)-printed biodegradable polymer scaffolds

Takashi Hoshiba, Jin Gong

18-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Size control of CH3NH3PbBr3 perovskite cuboid fine crystals synthesized by ligand-free reprecipitation method

Kazuki Umemoto, Yong-Jin Pu, Cigdem Yumusak, Markus Clark Scharber, Matthew Schuette White, Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci, Tsukasa Yoshida, Jun Matsui, Hiroshi Uji-i, Akito Masuhara

03-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Novel methods to apply micro dynamic stimulations on cultured adhesive cells and its application in constructing gel-embedded three-dimensional neuronal structures differentiated from human iPS cells

Tadashi Kosawada, Keita Ohnishi, Hiroaki Satoh, Zhong-gang Feng, Kaoru Goto

19-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Electric control of friction on surface of high-strength hydrogels

Masato Wada, Kohei Yamada, Toshiki Kameyama, Naoya Yamada, Kazunari Yoshida, Azusa Saito, Masato Makino, Ajit Khosla, Masaru Kawakami, Hidemitsu Furukawa

30-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

ZnO/TiO2 core–shell photoelectrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells by screen printing and room temperature ALD

He Sun, Hayato Kurotaki, Kensaku Kanomata, Fumihiko Hirose, Matthew Schuette White, Tsukasa Yoshida

04-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Nanocellular foams confined within PS microfibers obtained by CO2 batch foaming process

Paritat Muanchan, Hiroshi Ito

10-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Effect of thermal annealing on crystallinity and mechanical strength of textile glass and carbon fiber reinforced in situ polymerized ϵ-caprolactam parts

Kentaro Taki, Hiroto Suenaga, Hiroshi Ito

14-02-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Fabrication and hemocompatibility of carboxy-chitosan stabilized magnetite nanoparticles

Md. Abdur Rahman, Bungo Ochiai

17-01-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Selective recovery of Au(III), Pd(II), and Ag(I) from printed circuit boards using cellulose filter paper grafted with polymer chains bearing thiocarbamate moieties

M. K. Mohammad Ziaul Hyder, Bungo Ochiai

05-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A simple method for evaluating the balance of the autonomic nervous system using photoplethysmography

Minami Tsuchiya, Michio Yokoyama

29-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO and Zn-terephthalate hybrid nanoparticles employing benzene dicarboxylic acids

Yuji Hirai, Koji Furukawa, He Sun, Yuta Matsushima, Keiji Shito, Akito Masuhara, Ryoma Ono, Yuma Shimbori, Hidenobu Shiroishi, Matthew Schuette White, Tsukasa Yoshida

30-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

New fabrication method and properties of porous metals produced by ultrasonic control of microbubble size

Ayaka Katayose, Ryosuke Yokose, Kento Obata, Toshinori Makuta

29-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Selective hybridization of organic dyes with CuSCN during its electrochemical growth

Yuki Tsuda, Kyota Uda, Misaki Chiba, He Sun, Lina Sun, Matthew Schuette White, Akito Masuhara, Tsukasa Yoshida

03-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Evaluation of internal network structure of transparent shape memory gels and application of T-SMG to develop gel devices

Hiroaki Kumagai, Kazuyuki Sakai, Masaru Kawakami, Hidemitsu Furukawa, Kyoko Murase, Tsutom Sunada

30-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Fabrication of silica-coated hollow particles by using ultrasonically generated microbubbles

Takeyuki Hamada, Hiroyuki Izumi, Tatsuya Makino, Toshinori Makuta

31-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Evaporation of droplets: the effect of interaction between droplets and the existence of obstacles

Muhamad Firdaus bin Daud, Kyuuichiro Takamatsu, Masato Makino, Hidemitsu Furukawa

31-03-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

3D printing of police whistles for STEM education

Masato Makino, Kodai Suzuki, Kyuichiro Takamatsu, Atsuki Shiratori, Azusa Saito, Kazuyuki Sakai, Hidemitsu Furukawa

01-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Recycled carbon black from waste of tire industry: thermal study

Rana Ida Sugatri, Yudo Chandrasa Wirasadewa, Kurniawan Eko Saputro, Ersan Yudhapratama Muslih, Radyum Ikono, Muhamad Nasir

04-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Mechanism of ultra-low friction of multilayer graphene studied by all atom molecular dynamics

Tatsuya Maeda, Hitoshi Washizu

09-04-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Inter node parallelization of multiscale fluid particle simulation towards large-scale polymeric fluid simulation

Takahiro Murashima

13-12-2017 | Editorial | Issue 1/2018

International conference on wafer bonding for MEMS technologies and wafer level integration

Roy Knechtel

18-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018 Open Access

Surface pretreated low-temperature aluminum–aluminum wafer bonding

Andreas P. Hinterreiter, Bernhard Rebhan, Christoph Flötgen, Viorel Dragoi, Kurt Hingerl

29-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Defect analysis using scanning acoustic microscopy for bonded microelectronic components with extended resolution and defect sensitivity

Sebastian Brand, Günther Vogg, Matthias Petzold

10-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Polymer bonding temperature impact on bonded stack morphology and adherence energy

P. Montméat, T. Enot, G. Louro De Oliveira, F. Fournel

17-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Influence of water diffusion in deposited silicon oxides on direct bonding of hydrophilic surfaces

J. Desomberg, F. Fournel, H. Moriceau, A. Roule, E. Barthel, F. Rieutord

12-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

Enhancement of vertical integration density by engineered BSOI wafers

C. Kaden, S. Langa, T. Ludewig, A. Schönberger, A. Herrmann, A. Göbel, V. Kolkovsky, W. Jeroch, W. Pufe

29-08-2017 | Technical Paper | Issue 1/2018

A thermodynamic study of voiding phenomena in Cu–Cu thermo-compression wafer bonding

B. Rebhan, J. Svoboda, M. Panholzer

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