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Microsystem Technologies

Microsystem Technologies 3/2016

Issue 3/2016

Special issue on design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS: DTIP, Cannes, 2014

Table of Contents ( 27 Articles )

14-11-2015 | Editorial | Issue 3/2016

Special issue on design, test, integration and packaging of MEMS/MOEMS: DTIP, Cannes, 2014

Souhil Megherbi, Bernd Michel

26-03-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Meter-scale large-area capacitive pressure sensors with fabric with stripe electrodes of conductive polymer-coated fibers

Seiichi Takamatsu, Takahiro Yamashita, Toshihiro Itoh

26-04-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

A dual-axis MEMS capacitive inertial sensor with high-density proof mass

Daisuke Yamane, Takaaki Matsushima, Toshifumi Konishi, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Kazuya Masu, Katsuyuki Machida

26-04-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Capacitive flexible pressure sensor: microfabrication process and experimental characterization

T. H. N. Dinh, E. Martincic, E. Dufour-Gergam, P.-Y. Joubert

14-05-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Phononic band engineering for thermal conduction control and similarity with photonic band engineering

Masahiro Nomura

05-06-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Reliability characterization of a soot particle sensor in terms of stress- and electromigration in thin-film platinum

Radoslav Rusanov, Holger Rank, Tino Fuchs, Roland Mueller-Fiedler, Oliver Kraft

23-05-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Reliable response of RF MEMS LTCC packaged switches after mechanical and thermal stress

A. Lucibello, G. Capoccia, E. Proietti, R. Marcelli, B. Margesin, V. Mulloni, F. Giacomozzi, F. Vitulli, M. Scipioni, G. Bartolucci

26-05-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Simulation and characterization of dynamic contact in a MEMS passive vibration threshold sensor

Zhuoqing Yang, Wenguo Chen, Guifu Ding, Yan Wang, Hong Wang, Xiaolin Zhao

24-05-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Micro-mixer device with deep channels in silicon using modified RIE process: fabrication, packaging and characterization

Saakshi Dhanekar, Sudhir Chandra, R. Balasubramaniam

04-06-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Simulation of a high-power LED lamp for the evaluation and design of heat dissipation mechanisms

De-Shau Huang, Yi-Sheng Liao, Heng-Jen Kuo, Fang-Jui Kuo, Ming-Tzer Lin

03-06-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

The robustness of an algorithm applied in wafer-level material property extraction

Wan-Chun Chuang

16-06-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Design, optimization and simulation of a low-voltage shunt capacitive RF-MEMS switch

Li-Ya Ma, Anis Nurashikin Nordin, Norhayati Soin

12-06-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Characterization of strain microgauges for the monitoring of the deformations of a medical needle during its insertion in human tissues

Agnès Bonvilain, Mathilde Gangneron

02-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Robust design optimization of electro-thermal microactuator using probabilistic methods

B. Khayatzadeh Safaie, M. Shamshirsaz, M. Bahrami

19-06-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Investigating fracture strength of poly-silicon membranes using microscopic loading tests and numerical simulation

John Brueckner, Alfons Dehé, Ellen Auerswald, Rainer Dudek, Dietmar Vogel, Bernd Michel, Sven Rzepka

25-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Development of thin film based flexible current clamp sensor using screen-printed coil

Takahiro Yamashita, Yi Zhang, Toshihiro Itoh, Ryutaro Maeda

03-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Fabrication, simulations, and measurements of self-assembled millimeter-wave antennas for system-on-chip applications

Sae-Won Lee, Ying Chen, Diane Titz, Fabien Ferrero, Cyril Luxey, Rodney G. Vaughan, Meenakshinathan Parameswaran

14-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Characterization of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers

Fayçal Bellared, Joseph Lardiès, Gilles Bourbon, Patrice Le Moal, Vincent Walter, Marc Berthillier

15-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Microwave atomic force microscope: MG63 osteoblast-like cells analysis on nanometer scale

Lan Zhang, Yuanhui Song, Atsushi Hosoi, Yasuyuki Morita, Yang Ju

23-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Fabrication and micromechanical characterization of polycrystalline diamond microcantilevers

Maira Possas, Lionel Rousseau, Farbod Ghassemi, Gaelle Lissorgues, Emmanuel Scorsone, Philippe Bergonzo

18-12-2014 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Bulk metallic glass mold for high volume fabrication of micro optics

Peng He, Likai Li, Fei Wang, Olaf Dambon, Fritz Klocke, Katharine M. Flores, Allen Y. Yi

03-02-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Using MEMS-based inertial sensor with ankle foot orthosis for telerehabilitation and its clinical evaluation in brain injuries and total knee replacement patients

Shao-Li Han, Meng-Jie Xie, Chih-Cheng Chien, Yu-Che Cheng, Chia-Wen Tsao

18-12-2014 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Screen-pad printing for electrode patterning on curvy surfaces

Ken-ichi Nomura, Yasuyuki Kusaka, Hirobumi Ushijima, Kazuro Nagase, Hiroaki Ikedo

24-12-2014 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Low temperature wafer level conformal polymer dielectric spray coating for through silicon vias with 2:1 aspect ratio

Yuechen Zhuang, Daquan Yu, Fengwei Dai, Zhongcai Niu

31-01-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Human breast cancer cell enrichment by Dean flow driven microfluidic channels

M. Zuvin, N. Mansur, S. Z. Birol, L. Trabzon, A. Sayı Yazgan

15-01-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Modeling and test result of closed-loop MEMS accelerometer with wide dynamic range

Feng Zhang, Xiangliang Jin, Longsheng Wang

11-07-2015 | Technical Paper | Issue 3/2016

Capacitive solvent sensing with interdigitated microelectrodes

Ismail Bilican, Mustafa Tahsin Guler, Neset Gulener, Mustafa Yuksel, Sedat Agan

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