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Micro- and Nanosystems Information Storage and Processing Systems

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19-01-2019 | Technical Paper

Enhancement of vibration based piezoelectric energy harvester using hybrid optimization techniques

MEMS unimorph piezoelectric vibration energy harvester is designed and optimized based on Hybrid Optimization techniques [genetic algorithm (GA), bat algorithm (BA), grey wolf optimization (GWO), hybrid bat algorithm tuned genetic algorithm …

18-01-2019 | Technical Paper

Fuzzy tuned model based control for level and temperature processes

At present, model based controllers are being extensively used in process industries due to their simple tuning strategy. Internal model control (IMC) is one of the widely accepted model based controller design methodologies in close-loop control …

18-01-2019 | Technical Paper

An ultrasensitive acoustic wave resonator device enabled by gluing a replaceable micropillar film

Traditional acoustic wave based sensing devices such as quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) rely on the thin films coated on the piezoelectric substrates as the sensing films for chemical and biological detection. This study demonstrates that …

16-01-2019 | Technical Paper

FPGA based dual microphone speech enhancement

This paper proposes an efficient reconfigurable hardware design of dual microphone speech enhancement technique using sound source localization and multi band spectral subtraction methods with elimination of background noise. Firstly, we have used …

14-01-2019 | Technical Paper

Analyze of entropy generation for NEPCM melting process inside a heat storage system

The purpose of current article is to simulate melting of NEPCM inside a cylinder with V shaped fins. Two dimensional transient formulations were modeled via finite volume method. Copper oxide nanoparticles were dispersed into paraffin. Second law …

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About this journal

Featuring rapid publication of important results, Microsystem Technologies examines electromechanical, materials, design, and manufacturing issues of microsystems and their components. It integrates the knowledge, experience, and capabilities of academic and industrial specialists in many fields. Moreover, it contributes to the economically and ecologically sound production of reliable, high performance MEMS and information storage and processing systems.

The journal’s coverage of MEMS/NEMS addresses sensors, actuators, and other micro/nanosystems as well as micromechatronic systems integration. Coverage of information storage systems includes magnetic recording, optical recording, and other recording devices. Lastly, under the category of processing systems, the journal explores copiers, printers, scanners, and digital cameras. All contributions meet international archival quality standards.

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