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The impact of advertising on social processes

In modern information society, advertising remains essential for the formation of social norms, value systems, and public consciousness, especially in the conditions of a pandemic. Despite the availability of a wide range of literature devoted to …

26-03-2021 Open Access

Monty Hall three door ’anomaly’ revisited: a note on deferment in an extensive form game

The Monty Hall game is one of the most discussed decision problems, but where a convincing behavioral explanation of the systematic deviations from probability theory is still lacking. Most people not changing their initial choice, when this is …


The adaptive moral challenge of COVID-19

This author offers of narrative of hope in response to the coronavirus pandemic by viewing it as a wake-up call to lean into the adaptive moral challenge of stewardship for the future of humanity and the planet. Acknowledging the many material and …


Coronavirus in Ireland: one behavioural scientist’s view

This paper offers the perspective of a behavioural scientist advising and providing evidence for Ireland's government during the coronavirus pandemic. It describes how behavioural research informed the public response in the early months of the …


Opening up is not showing up: human volition after the pandemic

A global pandemic on the scale of Covid-19 upsets all standard decision protocols. Pressure from politicians to "open up" the economy presumes that individuals grant credible trust to politicians and merchants eager to recover customers. The …

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Mind & Society, the official journal of the Italian-based Rosselli Foundation, examines the relationships among mental and socio-economic phenomena. Contributions share the journal’s epistemological vision, exploring socio-economic phenomena through individual action, decision-making, and reasoning processes. The journal’s interdisciplinary approach draws from such disciplines as philosophy, economics, decision-making, sociology, cognitive and social psychology, epistemology, cognitive anthropology, artificial intelligence, neural modeling, and political science.

Papers report original results of empirical research or theoretical analysis. Topics include the concept of mind of social actor, cognitive models of reasoning, decision-making and action, computational and neural models of socio-economic phenomena, and other related subjects.

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