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Minds and Machines

Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science

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24-11-2021 | S.I.: Artificial Speakers - Philosophical Questions and Implications

Trust Me on This One: Conforming to Conversational Assistants

Conversational artificial agents and artificially intelligent (AI) voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular. Digital virtual assistants such as Siri, or conversational devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home are permeating everyday …

24-11-2021 | S.I. : Artificial Speakers - Philosophical Questions and Implications

How Robots’ Unintentional Metacommunication Affects Human–Robot Interactions. A Systemic Approach

In this paper, we theoretically address the relevance of unintentional and inconsistent interactional elements in human–robot interactions. We argue that elements failing, or poorly succeeding, to reproduce a humanlike interaction create …

13-11-2021 | General Article Open Access

Strictly Human: Limitations of Autonomous Systems

Can autonomous systems replace humans in the performance of their activities? How does the answer to this question inform the design of autonomous systems? The study of technical systems and their features should be preceded by the study of the …

05-11-2021 | Original Article Open Access

Conformity Assessments and Post-market Monitoring: A Guide to the Role of Auditing in the Proposed European AI Regulation

The proposed European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) is the first attempt to elaborate a general legal framework for AI carried out by any major global economy. As such, the AIA is likely to become a point of reference in the larger discourse …

02-11-2021 | General Article

A Hybrid Theory of Event Memory

Amongst philosophers, there is ongoing debate about what successful event remembering requires. Causal theorists argue that it requires a causal connection to the past event. Simulation theorists argue, in contrast, that successful remembering …

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Affiliated with the Society for Machines and Mentality, the journal Minds and Machines fosters a tradition of criticism within the AI and philosophical communities on problems and issues of common concern. Its scope explicitly encompasses philosophical aspects of computer science.

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