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Minds and Machines

Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science

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11-04-2019 | Commentary

Reply to “Prayer-Bots and Religious Worship on Twitter: A Call for a Wider Research Agenda Islamic”

09-04-2019 | Reply

Delegating Religious Practices to Autonomous Machines, A Reply to “Prayer-Bots and Religious Worship on Twitter: A Call for a Wider Research Agenda”

Öhman et al. ( 2019 ) have drawn attention to the phenomenon of Islamic Prayer-Bots and religious worship on Twitter and social media platforms, which, they argue, has gone unnoticed by the research community, despite the significant scale of the …

01-04-2019 | Commentary Open Access

Prayer-Bots and Religious Worship on Twitter: A Call for a Wider Research Agenda

The automation of online social life is an urgent issue for researchers and the public alike. However, one of the most significant uses of such technologies seems to have gone largely unnoticed by the research community: religion. Focusing on …

27-03-2019 Open Access

Can Machines Read our Minds?

We explore the question of whether machines can infer information about our psychological traits or mental states by observing samples of our behaviour gathered from our online activities. Ongoing technical advances across a range of research …

28-01-2019 | General Discussion

Information Processing Artifacts

What is a computer? What distinguishes computers from other artificial or natural systems with alleged computational capacities? What does use of a physical system for computation entail, and what distinguishes such use from otherwise identical …

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Affiliated with the Society for Machines and Mentality, the journal Minds and Machines fosters a tradition of criticism within the AI and philosophical communities on problems and issues of common concern. Its scope explicitly encompasses philosophical aspects of computer science.

The journal affords an international forum for the discussion and debate of important and controversial issues concerning significant developments within its areas of editorial focus. It features special issues devoted to specific topics, critical responses to previously published pieces, and review essays discussing current problem situations.

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