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Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change

Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 3/2006

Issue 3/2006

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Development of an Integrated Coastal Zone Management System for the Black and Caspian Seas

Yuriy G. Mikhaylichenko

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Can Advances in Science and Technology Prevent Global Warming?

A Critical Review of Limitations and Challenges
Michael H. Huesemann

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Expanding Carbon Stocks in Existing Forests – A Methodological Approach for Cost Appraisal at the Enterprise Level

Thomas Knoke, Michael Weber

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Some Lessons Learned from Public Health on the Process of Adaptation

Kristie L. Ebi, Joel Smith, Ian Burton, Joel Scheraga

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Will Simplified Modalities and Procedures Make More Small-Scale Forestry Projects Viable Under the Clean Development Mechanism?

Bruno Locatelli, Lucio Pedroni

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Methodological and Practical Considerations for Developing Multiproject Baselines for Electric Power and Cement Industry Projects in Central America

Scott Murtishaw, Jayant Sathaye, Christina Galitsky, Kristel Dorion

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Carbon Dioxide Balance of Wood Substitution: Comparing Concrete- and Wood-Framed Buildings

Leif Gustavsson, Kim Pingoud, Roger Sathre

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Portfolio-Based Electricity Generation Planning: Policy Implications For Renewables And Energy Security

Shimon Awerbuch

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

Domestic UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms Project Supply Coordination Through Tendering – Lessons from the New Zealand Experience

Axel Michaelowa, John O’brien

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

UNFCCC Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism Baseline Construction for Vietnam National Electricity Grid

Tran Minh Tuyen, Axel Michaelowa

01-05-2006 | Issue 3/2006

A Method for Constructing a Social Vulnerability Index: An Application to Hurricane Storm Surges in a Developed Country

Lisa Rygel, David O’sullivan, Brent Yarnal

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