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Mobile Networks and Applications

The Journal of SPECIAL ISSUES on Mobility of Systems, Users, Data and Computing

Mobile Networks and Applications OnlineFirst articles


Mobile Data Science and Intelligent Apps: Concepts, AI-Based Modeling and Research Directions

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques have grown rapidly in recent years in the context of computing with smart mobile phones that typically allows the devices to function in an intelligent manner. Popular AI techniques include machine learning …


Jamming-Resilient Backup Nodes Selection for RPL-based Routing in Smart Grid AMI Networks

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is the core component of the smart grid. As the wireless connection between smart meters in AMI is featured with high packet loss and low transmission rate, AMI is considered as a representative of the low …


Research on Fault Feature Extraction and Recognition of Rolling Bearings

In the field of system health management, the quality of rolling equipment is very important. Therefore, the fault diagnosis of rolling bearings has become a hot research topic. In this paper, the traditional fault feature extraction method is …


Developing Smart Home Applications

This paper utilizes an IoT platform called IoTtalk to shape “intelligence” into a house to make it a smart home. The developed project is called HomeTalk that serves as a platform to accommodate various smart applications in a house. We describe …


An Improved NER Methodology to the Portuguese Language

The text mining process typically involves the application of natural language processing (NLP) techniques, in order to obtain important information and extract insights from texts. This is achieved by detecting patterns, which are not explicitly …

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The journal Mobile Networks and Applications reflects the emerging symbiosis of portable computers and wireless networks, addressing the convergence of mobility, computing and information organization, access and management. In its special issues, the journal places an equal emphasis on various areas of nomadic computing, data management, related software and hardware technologies, and mobile user services, alongside more ‘classical’ topics in wireless and mobile networking. The journal documents practical and theoretical results which make a fundamental contribution.

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