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13-04-2018 | Mobility Concepts | News | Article

The Schaeffler Mover Combines Drive and Chassis in One Module

Patrick Schäfer

With the Mover concept, Schaeffler is showcasing a technical platform for a highly automated vehicle for city traffic. The drive and chassis are combined in a module, saving space. 

With the Mover, the technology company is showcasing an urban automated vehicle concept at the 11th Schaeffler Symposium. With wheel hub drive and a 90-degree steering system, the platform can be used for a variety of vehicle concepts such as robotaxis or autonomous transport vehicles. The drive and chassis components are combined in the compact "Schaeffler Intelligent Corner Module".

This module includes the wheel hub motor, wheel suspension including the spring system, and the actuator for the electromechanical steering system, which is designed as an electromechanical steer-by-wire system. Its steering angle of 90 degrees is designed to allow a turning radius of less than five metres, and even turning on the spot is possible. 

All-electric, highly automated platform

Operating at 300 volts, each of the four integrated electric motors supplies a continuous output of 13 kilowatts and a temporary peak output of 25 kilowatts. The nominal torque of 250 newton metres per motor can be doubled for short periods according to Schaeffler. A specially-developed driving dynamics control system should enable each vehicle module to be controlled individually. Furthermore, the driving dynamics control system (ESP), torque distribution between the driven wheels (torque vectoring), and all-wheel steering functions could be combined.

The concept is modular. The four modules permit more space in the platform for passengers and stowage space. This space also includes the use of battery and ancillary equipment. This results in compact vehicle dimensions that can vary, however, without having to modify the drive or chassis. "This vehicle is consistently designed for interconnected operation and fills a significant gap in the current portfolio of the automobile industry," says Schaeffler’s Chief Technology Officer, Professor Peter Gutzmer.

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