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07-11-2018 | Mobility Concepts | News | Article

Volkswagen Plans Ride-Hailing Service with Autonomous Electric Cars in Israel

Christiane Köllner

From 2022, Volkswagen, Mobileye and Champion Motors are planning to launch a ride-hailing service with self-driving electric vehicles in Israel.

The Volkswagen Group, Mobileye and Champion Motors have announced plans to develop a ride-hailing service with self-driving vehicles (also known as Mobility-as-a-Service, MaaS) in Israel from 2019. The partners are planning to establish a joint venture for this. The planned collaboration is subject to approval by the responsible authorities and bodies, according to the partners. Operating as "New Mobility in Israel", the group’s proposal was formally accepted by the Israeli government at the 2018 Smart Mobility Summit in Tel Aviv.

The Volkswagen Group will supply the electric vehicles and its expertise on user-centred mobility services. Mobileye will provide a turnkey, self-driving solution comprising both hardware and software. Champion Motors will run the fleet logistics and infrastructure of the MaaS provider. Together, the three companies intend to add a mobility platform and services, as well as other MaaS tools and content, to ensure a seamless rider experience and hence deliver a complete MaaS package.

The Israeli government will support the project

The Israeli government has committed itself to support the project in three main areas: furnishing legal and regulatory support, sharing the required infrastructure and traffic data, and providing access to infrastructure as needed. 

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