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MTZ worldwide 10/2021
MTZ worldwide

Issue 10/2021


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

01-10-2021 | Editorial

Sadly, We only Came Second
Marc Ziegler

01-10-2021 | News

People + Companies
Thomas Schneider

01-10-2021 | In the Spotlight

Battery Raw Materials - Where from and Where to?
Richard Backhaus

01-10-2021 | Cover Story

The Challenge of New Fuels
Thomas Schneider

01-10-2021 | Cover Story

Phenomenological Modeling of H2 Combustion
Michael Rieß, Alexander Fandakov, Adalbert Wolany, Marcus Wöbke

01-10-2021 | Cover Story

"My personal favorite is methanol"
Marc Ziegler

01-10-2021 | Cover Story

New Test Method to Determine the Pre-ignition Stability of Gasoline Fuels
Nikola Bobicic, Peter Hofmann, Thomas Garbe, Martin Hönig

01-10-2021 | News


01-10-2021 | Development

Compact and Robust Actuator with Brushless DC Motor
Benjamin Thierry, Christophe Audouy

01-10-2021 | Development

Characterization of E-fluids from Laboratory Analysis to Test Bench
Rico Pelz, Felix Hutzler, Axel Schik, Gunther Müller

01-10-2021 | Development

Big Boxer - The Engine in the New BMW R18
Josef Miritsch, Hubert Graf, Kurt Böck, Roland Deuschle

01-10-2021 | Development

New Generation Gasoline Particulate Filters
Dominik Rose, Thorsten Boger, Huiqing Wu, Roychelle Ingram-Ogunwumi

01-10-2021 | Research

Modeling and Investigation of Particle Formation in DI Gasoline Engines in Transient Driving Situations
Alexander Heinz, Alexander Stalp, Christian Beidl, Thomas Koch

01-10-2021 | Guest Commentary

E-fuels: A Climate Opportunity for Emerging Economies
Peter Fintl

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