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MTZ worldwide 12/2021
MTZ worldwide

Issue 12/2021


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

01-12-2021 | Editorial

Paint It Black
Marc Ziegler

01-12-2021 | News

People + Companies

01-12-2021 | In the Spotlight

The Space-time Dilemma of Urban Mobility
Andreas Burkert

01-12-2021 | Cover Story

More Efficient Combustion and Exhaust Gas Energy Utilization
Thomas Schneider

01-12-2021 | Cover Story

New Combustion Process for Higher Efficiency of Gasoline Engines
Thomas Leroy, Ludovic Nowak, Laurent Odillard, David François

01-12-2021 | Cover Story

"Hydrogen combustion requires significant changes to the charge exchange"
Marc Ziegler

01-12-2021 | Cover Story

Influencing the Turbine Outlet Temperature in Stoichiometric Gasoline Engines
Martin Rode, Dietmar Filsinger, Georgios Iosifidis, Tetsu Suzuki

01-12-2021 | News


01-12-2021 | Development

Cost-efficient Battery System with Integrated High-performance Thermal Management
Philipp Krammer, Christian Cotte, Frederic Greber, Markus Thoennes

01-12-2021 | Development

Testing Rotary Shaft Seals for Extreme Sealing Requirements
Uwe Koch, Uwe Wallner

01-12-2021 | Development

Method-oriented Work in Powertrain Development
Hanno Ihme-Schramm, Marcus Gohl, Thomas Netzel, Michael Friedmann

01-12-2021 | Development

Direct Injection Systems for Hydrogen Engines
Gavin Dober, Guy Hoffmann, Laurent Doradoux, Guillaume Meissonnier

01-12-2021 | Research

Influence of Thermally Induced Stress Gradients on Fatigue Life
Marcus Thiele, Stefan Eckmann, Min Huang, Uwe Gampe

01-12-2021 | Guest Commentary

Are We Doing the Right Thing Correctly?
Helmut List

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