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Issue 3/2019

Content (17 Articles)


Making Progress

Marc Ziegler

80 Years of MTZ

We Still Need Diesel Engines

Richard Backhaus


News People + Companies

Thomas Schneider

In the Spotlight

How CO2 is Transforming the Automotive Industry

Mathias Heerwagen

Cover Story

Different Ways Toward the Goal

Thomas Schneider

Cover Story

Homogeneous Lean Burn Engine Combustion System Development - Concept Study

Kazuo Takeuchi, Pawel Luszcz, Philipp Adomeit

Cover Story

Water Injection for Meeting Future RDE Requirements for Turbocharged Gasoline Engines

Björn Franzke, Tobias Voßhall, Philipp Adomeit, Andreas Müller


Rolling Diaphragm for Cleaning Blow-by Gas

Francesco Zitarosa, Robert Bärreiter, Christoph Erdmann, Jürgen Schneider


Synthetic Fuels in Large Engines - How Internal Combustion Engines Become CO2-neutral

Matthias Auer, Gunnar Ganzer, Peter Müller-Baum, Gunnar Stiesch


Experimental Investigations on High Pressure Gasoline Injection up to 800 bar for Different Combustion Modes

Andreas Stadler, Reinhardt Brunner, Georg Wachtmeister, Henning Sauerland


Sub-assembly Resolved Friction Power Losses of Different Engine Concepts

Christoph Knauder, Hannes Allmaier, David E. Sander


Low-pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Small-displacement Gasoline Engines

Thorsten Reimers, Holger Paffrath, Christian Vigild, Andreas Kuske


Influence of Combustion Chamber Deposits on Wall Heat Losses

Alex Weidenlener, Heiko Kubach, Jürgen Pfeil, Thomas Koch

Conference Report

Efficiency is the Key in Every Powertrain

Mathias Heerwagen

Guest Commentary

The Electrified Combustion Engine

Thomas Johnen

Current Publications

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