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MTZ worldwide 3/2021
MTZ worldwide

Issue 3/2021


Table of Contents (14 Articles)

01-03-2021 | Editorial

Not a One-track Approach
Marc Ziegler

01-03-2021 | News

People + Companies

01-03-2021 | In the Spotlight

The Car as an Energy Storage System
Susanne Roeder

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

Zero Impact as Goal
Thomas Schneider

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

Solutions for Lowest NOx and CO2 Emissions on Heavy Duty Engines
Klaus Hadl, Bernhard Raser, Thomas Sacher, Gernot Graf

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

"It's all about system analysis and modifying existing technologies"
Marc Ziegler

01-03-2021 | Cover Story

Concept Studies for Electrically Heated Catalysts
Fabian Fricke, Thomas Steinhuber, Elmar Grußmann, Ulrich Rusche

01-03-2021 | News


01-03-2021 | Development

Online Modeling of ECU Functions Using Pattern Recognition
Christian Lensch-Franzen, Kay Schintzel, Alexander Ebel, Karthik Shenoy

01-03-2021 | Development

Potential Benefits of Water Injection for Downsizing Gasoline Engines
Nils Neumann, Normann Freisinger, Ingo Schmitz, Thomas Seeger

01-03-2021 | Development

Life Cycle Assessment and the Net Zero Challenge
Mike Bell, Nikolas Hill

01-03-2021 | Development

Air Tightness of Plastic-Metal Hybrid Structures for Cylinder Crankcases
Birte von der Beeke, Joachim Sterz, Christine Schütz, Melanie Jauernick

01-03-2021 | Research

Spark-Ignition Engines - Fundamental Research for an Individual Sustainable Mobility
Petra Tutsch

01-03-2021 | Guest Commentary

Achieving a Breakthrough in Climate-neutral Heavy Goods Transport
Martin Berger

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