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Issue 4/2023

Content (14 Articles)


Price War or Flash in the Pan?

Marc Ziegler

In the Spotlight

Risky Asymmetry in the Automotive Cosmos

Andreas Burkert

Cover Story

Technically Competitive

Thomas Schneider

Cover Story

PEM Fuel Cell Application - From Component to System

Mathias Reum, Benjamin Daniel


Companies + Products

Thomas Schneider


Intelligent Control for a Simplified Engine Application

Christian Jörg, Kunihiko Suzuki, Yoshihito Yasukawa, Felix Fellner


Vibroacoustic Metamaterials for Reduced Sound Radiation of an Electric Powertrain

Marvin Droste, Sebastian Rieß, José G. Cóndor López, Armin Erraji


Passive Hydrogen Recirculation for Efficient Mobile Fuel Cell Applications

Aleksandar Pericevic, Christopher Traut


Electrification of the Partially Homogeneous Diesel Engine

Jan Klingenstein, Andreas Schneider, Michael Bargende

Conference Report

Sustainability Means Thinking in the Entire Life Cycle

Alexander Heintzel

Guest Commentary

Research with an Open Mind

Dietmar Goericke

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