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MTZ worldwide 6/2022
MTZ worldwide

Issue 6/2022


Table of Contents (12 Articles)

01-06-2022 | Editorial

Safeguarding Our Energy Supplies
Marc Ziegler

01-06-2022 | News

People + Companies
Thomas Schneider

01-06-2022 | In the Spotlight

Hydrogen Instead of Coal - How Steel Can Become "Green"
Richard Backhaus

01-06-2022 | Cover Story

Incrase in Voltage
Thomas Schneider

01-06-2022 | Cover Story

Influence of Voltage Level on Efficiency, Cost and Application
Gerald Teuschl, Matthias Fail, Mathias Deiml, Ingo Hausberger

01-06-2022 | Cover Story

"There is a clear trend toward 800 V and beyond"
Marc Ziegler

01-06-2022 | Cover Story

Higher Electric Motor Efficiency with Dynamic Motor Drive
Matthew Younkins, Zhiqian Chen, Paul Carvell, Philippe Farah

01-06-2022 | News

Thomas Schneider

01-06-2022 | Development

Air Filters and Humidifiers for Commercial Vehicle Fuel Cells with High Service Life Requirements
Peter Geskes, Stefan Biba, Michael Baumann

01-06-2022 | Development

RNT Wear Measurement in the Transmission of an E-drivetrain
Dr Hubert Schultheiß, Erik Ullmann, Marcel Löpitz, Felix Wild

01-06-2022 | Development

Multiple Verification and Validation of Models and Simulations in Powertrain Development
Hanno Ihme-Schramm, Prof. Thomas Netzel, Lukas Keller

01-06-2022 | Research

Mastering Complexity - Pre-competitive Collective Research in Hybrid Powertrains
Petra Tutsch

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