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Issue 6/2024

Content (12 Articles)


The Germans' Favorite Child

Marc Ziegler

In the Spotlight

Micromobility - More than Just Toys

Dieter Beste

Cover Story

Smart Control and Design

Thomas Schneider

Cover Story

Tank Control for Safe and Reliable Hydrogen Powered Vehicles and Machines

Arne Müller, Holger Reinwald, Robin Lehr, Joschka Schaub

Cover Story

Efficient Parametrization of Electrochemical Models for Lithium-ion Batteries

Christoph Lechner, Susanne Kutschi, Johann C. Wurzenberger


Companies + Products

Thomas Schneider


The New Twelve-cylinder MAN E38 Gas Power Engine

Thorsten Bachmann, Friedrich Menzinger, Manuel Stenglein, Philipp Wöhner


Development of a High-performance Hydrogen Engine

Stephan Tafel, Lionel Martin

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