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Multimedia Systems

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13-02-2020 | Regular Paper

Identification of changes in grey matter volume using an evolutionary approach: an MRI study of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia, a serious psychological disorder, causes auditory and visual hallucinations, and delusions in a person. Several studies have shown that schizophrenia imposes structural changes in human brain. Relative changes in the grey matter …

07-02-2020 | Regular Paper

Robust video encryption for H.264 compressed bitstream based on cross-coupled chaotic cipher

In order to realize the secure transmission of the H.264 compressed video bitstream, a detailed analysis of the structure for video bitstream is performed. The parameter set and frame header data related to video decoding are retained, and the …

20-01-2020 | Regular Paper

Towards a real-time image/video cryptosystem: problems, analysis and recommendations

With the massive use of images over the Internet, the security of some of them has become critical. One of the most used encryption algorithms is AES. Although this algorithm provides high security for text data, it is not suitable for images in …

14-01-2020 | Regular Paper

Combining CNN streams of dynamic image and depth data for action recognition

RGB-D sensors have been in great demand due to its capability of producing large amount of multimodal data like RGB images and depth maps, useful for better training of deep learning models. In this paper, a deep learning model for recognizing …

10-01-2020 | Regular Paper

Con(dif)fused voice to convey secret: a dual-domain approach

Owing to the rapid development and advancements in the field of networks and communication, sharing of multimedia contents over insecure networks has become vital. The confidentiality of audio signals is predominantly needed in military and …

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This journal details innovative research ideas, emerging technologies, state-of-the-art methods and tools in all aspects of multimedia computing, communication, storage, and applications. It features theoretical, experimental, and survey articles.

Coverage in Multimedia Systems includes:

- Integration of digital video and audio capabilities in computer systems

- Multimedia information encoding and data interchange formats

- Operating system mechanisms for digital multimedia

- Digital video and audio networking and communication

- Storage models and structures

- Methodologies, paradigms, tools, and software architectures for supporting multimedia applications

- Multimedia applications and application program interfaces, and multimedia endsystem architectures.

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