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Multimedia Systems

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05-05-2021 | Regular Paper

A novel image encryption cryptosystem based on true random numbers and chaotic systems

To enhance the security of single-chaotic systems, we propose a novel image encryption cryptosystem based on true random numbers and chaotic systems. First, we select any one of several chaotic systems. Next, the hash function is used to calculate …

04-05-2021 | Special Issue Paper

Hybrid features and semantic reinforcement network for image forgery detection

Image forgery detection focuses more on tampering regions than image content of semantic segmentation, it is revealed that wealthier features need to be learned. Moreover, insufficient semantic information causes low efficiency of forgery …

04-05-2021 | Regular Paper

Transfer learning using freeze features for Alzheimer neurological disorder detection using ADNI dataset

Machine learning and deep learning play a crucial role in identification of various diseases like neurological, skin, eyes, blood and cancers. The deep learning algorithms can be performed promising for prediction of Alzheimer’s disease using MRI …

03-05-2021 | Special Issue Paper

Key frame extraction based on global motion statistics for team-sport videos

Key frame extraction is an important manner of video summarization. It can be used to interpret video content quickly. Existing approaches first partition the entire video into video clips by shot boundary detection, and then, extract key frames …

03-05-2021 | Regular Paper

Efficient and high-performance pedestrian detection implementation for intelligent vehicles

Implementing pedestrian detection real-time embedded systems remains a major challenge. Detecting pedestrians in an advanced driver assistance system requires a lot of time and resources. The method based on Multi-Scale Region Covariance …

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About this journal

This journal details innovative research ideas, emerging technologies, state-of-the-art methods and tools in all aspects of multimedia computing, communication, storage, and applications. It features theoretical, experimental, and survey articles.

Coverage in Multimedia Systems includes:

- Integration of digital video and audio capabilities in computer systems

- Multimedia information encoding and data interchange formats

- Operating system mechanisms for digital multimedia

- Digital video and audio networking and communication

- Storage models and structures

- Methodologies, paradigms, tools, and software architectures for supporting multimedia applications

- Multimedia applications and application program interfaces, and multimedia endsystem architectures.

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