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30-07-2022 | Regular Paper

Real-time anomaly detection on surveillance video with two-stream spatio-temporal generative model

Abnormal detection of surveillance video is of great significance to social security and the protection of specific scenes. However, the existing methods fail to achieve a balance between accuracy and real-time performance. In this paper, we …

30-07-2022 | Regular Paper

A comprehensive review of facial expression recognition techniques

Emotion recognition has opened up many challenges, which lead to various advances in computer vision and artificial intelligence. The rapid development in this field has encouraged the development of an automatic system that could accurately …

28-07-2022 | Regular Paper

Multiscale object detection based on channel and data enhancement at construction sites

Object detection based on computer vision techniques plays an important role in the safety monitoring of large-scene construction sites. However, current object detection algorithms typically have poor performance on small targets. In this study …

23-07-2022 | Regular Paper

VoxSeP: semi-positive voxels assist self-supervised 3D medical segmentation

Medical image segmentation enjoys the advantage of understanding 3D contexts, but 3D networks are prone to over-fitting due to the limited amount of annotated data. This paper investigates self-supervised pre-training, i.e., making use of …

21-07-2022 | Regular Paper

TS-MDA: two-stream multiscale deep architecture for crowd behavior prediction

In recent years, crowd behavior prediction (CBP) has gained much attention from academics and helps to control crowd disasters. The CBP has been solved either as one-class classification (OCC) or multi-class classification (MCC) problems. The …

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This journal details innovative research ideas, emerging technologies, state-of-the-art methods and tools in all aspects of multimedia computing, communication, storage, and applications. It features theoretical, experimental, and survey articles.

Coverage in Multimedia Systems includes:

- Integration of digital video and audio capabilities in computer systems

- Multimedia information encoding and data interchange formats

- Operating system mechanisms for digital multimedia

- Digital video and audio networking and communication

- Storage models and structures

- Methodologies, paradigms, tools, and software architectures for supporting multimedia applications

- Multimedia applications and application program interfaces, and multimedia endsystem architectures.

Multimedia Systems
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