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Sustainability Nexus Forum

Issue 2/2019

Content (5 Articles)

Originalbeitrag / Original article

Climate change preparedness of enterprises in the Upper Rhine region from a business perspective—A multidisciplinary, transboundary analysis

Paul Averbeck, Oliver Frör, Nathalie Gartiser, Nadja Lützel, Florence Rudolf

Open Access Originalbeitrag / Original article

Habitually green: integrating the concept of habit into the design of pro-environmental interventions at the workplace

Gabriela Michalek, Ines Thronicker, Özgür Yildiz, Reimund Schwarze

Originalbeitrag / Original article

Ecological and socio-technical assessment of collaborative consumption: resource efficiency potentials

Katrin Bienge, Jens Clausen, Paul Suski, Martina Schmitt

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