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NanoEthics 1/2020

Issue 1/2020

Philosophy and Synthetic Biology: The BrisSynBio Experiment (pp 21–122)


Table of Contents (8 Articles)

Open Access 30-01-2020 | Original Research Paper

Generative Critique in Interdisciplinary Collaborations: From Critique in and of the Neurosciences to Socio-Technical Integration Research as a Practice of Critique in R(R)I
Mareike Smolka

01-05-2020 | Introduction

Philosophy and Synthetic Biology: the BrisSynBio Experiment
Darian Meacham, Miguel Prado Casanova

Open Access 12-05-2020 | Art-Science Interaction

BrisSynBio Art-Science Dossier
Maria Fannin, Katy Connor, David Roden, Darian Meacham

Open Access 15-08-2019 | Original Research Paper

The Ethics and Ontology of Synthetic Biology: a Neo-Aristotelian Perspective
Lewis Coyne

Open Access 10-12-2019 | Original Research Paper

Living Machines: Metaphors We Live By
Nora S. Vaage

04-01-2020 | Original Research Paper

The Diversity of Engineering in Synthetic Biology
Massimiliano Simons

Open Access 21-04-2020 | Original Research Paper

Art-Science Collaboration in an EPSRC/BBSRC-Funded Synthetic Biology UK Research Centre
Michael Reinsborough

Open Access 17-04-2020 | Original Research Paper

Noise and Synthetic Biology: How to Deal with Stochasticity?
Miguel Prado Casanova

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