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NanoEthics 3/2019

Issue 3/2019

“What’s Next?” – Hype and Hope from Human Reproductive Cloning to Genome Editing


Table of Contents (12 Articles)

14-12-2019 | Editorial

Engineering Life
Christopher Coenen

02-12-2019 | Original Research Paper

Chinese Public and Nanoresearchers’ Perceptions of Benefits and Risks of Nanotechnology
Jing Zhang, Guoyu Wang

Open Access 14-12-2019 | Original Research Paper

From Buzz to Burst—Critical Remarks on the Term ‘Life’ and Its Ethical Implications in Synthetic Biology
Michael Funk, Johannes Steizinger, Daniel Falkner, Tobias Eichinger

11-12-2019 | Introduction

Moral and Fictional Discourses on Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Current Responses, Future Scenarios
Maurizio Balistreri, Solveig Lena Hansen

28-11-2019 | Original Research Paper

‘Eugenics is Back’? Historic References in Current Discussions of Germline Gene Editing
Robert Ranisch

03-12-2019 | Original Research Paper

From Asilomar to Genome Editing: Research Ethics and Models of Decision
Fabrizio Rufo, Antonella Ficorilli

27-11-2019 | Original Research Paper

Editing the Gene Editing Debate: Reassessing the Normative Discussions on Emerging Genetic Technologies
Oliver Feeney

28-11-2019 | Original Research Paper

New Bodies, New Identities? The Negotiation of Cloning Technologies in Young Adult Fiction
Aline Ferreira

20-11-2019 | Discussion Note

Altered Mortality: Why the Quest for Immortality is Regaining Visibility in the Media
Mirko Daniel Garasic

22-11-2019 | Discussion Note

What Counts as “Success” in Speculative and Anticipatory Ethics? Lessons from the Advent of Germline Gene Editing
Ari Schick

04-12-2019 | Art-Science Interaction

Hype, Hope, and Help: Situating a Science Announcement in a Web of Stories
Julia Diekämper, Solveig Lena Hansen

25-11-2019 | Art-Science Interaction

Two Worlds
Francesco Verso

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