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NanoEthics 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Special Section: Current Debates About the Ethics of New Technology (pp 241–299)


Table of Contents (8 Articles)

Open Access 25-11-2020 | Editorial

Neuroethics (and Beyond)—Towards Responsible Innovation
Christopher Coenen

Open Access 17-10-2020 | Original Research Paper

The Memory-Modifying Potential of Optogenetics and the Need for Neuroethics
Agnieszka K. Adamczyk, Przemysław Zawadzki

Open Access 10-11-2020 | Original Research Paper

What It Takes to Be a Pioneer: Ability Expectations From Brain-Computer Interface Users
Johannes Kögel, Gregor Wolbring

26-11-2020 | Introduction

Current Debates About the Ethics of New Technology
Christopher Nathan

Open Access 13-10-2020 | Original Research Paper

How Extreme Is the Precautionary Principle?
Sven Ove Hansson

Open Access 01-10-2020 | Original Research Paper

Disruptive Innovation and Moral Uncertainty
Philip J. Nickel

Open Access 26-11-2020 | Original Research Paper

Life Cycle Assessment and Judgement
Christopher Nathan, Stuart Coles

Open Access 25-11-2020 | Original Research Paper

Programming Away Human Rights and Responsibilities? “The Moral Machine Experiment” and the Need for a More “Humane” AV Future
Mrinalini Kochupillai, Christoph Lütge, Franziska Poszler

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