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All books of the series Nanotheranostics

2017 | Book

Therapeutic and Diagnostic Nanomaterials

This brief highlights nanoparticles used in the diagnosis and treatment of prominent diseases and toxic conditions. Ecofriendly methods which are ideal for the synthesis of medicinally valued nanoparticles are explained and the characteristic …

2017 | Book

MRI Contrast Agents

From Molecules to Particles

This book describes the multiple aspects of (i) preparation of the magnetic core, (ii) the stabilization with different coatings, (iii) the physico-chemical characterization and (iv) the vectorization to obtain specific nanosystems. Several …

2017 | Book

Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapy

From Chemotherapeutic to Hyperthermia-Based Therapy

This Brief focuses on the cancer therapy available till date, from conventional drug delivery to nanomedicine in clinical trial. In addition, it reports on future generation based nanotherapeutics and cancer theranostic agent for effective …

2017 | Book

Nanomaterial-Based Drug Delivery Carriers for Cancer Therapy

This brief summarizes different types of organic and inorganic nanomaterials for drug delivery in cancer therapy. It highlights that precisely designed nanomaterials will be the next-generation therapeutic agents for cancer treatment.

2017 | Book

SPIONs as Nano-Theranostics Agents

This Brief introduces SuperParamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONs), the different synthesis approaches, their applications in the field of diagnostics and treatment and finally as theranostic agents in cancer.

2017 | Book

Innovative Diagnostics and Treatment: Nanorobotics and Stem Cells

This book focuses on nanorobotic agents and stem cells for biomedical applications.It is intended for researchers and clinicians interested in innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies based on nanorobots and stem cells.It presents current …

2017 | Book

Frontiers in Nano-therapeutics

This brief highlights recent research advances in the area of nano-therapeutics. Nanotechnology holds immense potential for application in a wide range of biological and engineering applications such as molecular sensors for disease diagnosis …

2016 | Book

Introduction to Nanotheranostics

This book offers readers an introduction to the current status of nanoparticles and other nanomaterials that have potential applications in theranostics. Above all, it highlights the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of metallic (e.g. Au …

2015 | Book

Cancer Nanotheranostics

This Brief provides a clear insight of the recent advances in the field of cancer theranostics with special emphasis upon nano scale carrier molecules (polymeric, protein and lipid based) and imaging agents (organic and inorganic).