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Natural Computing

Natural Computing 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Part 1: Special Issues: Advances in Swarm Intelligence Algorithms 3 — Selected papers from the 9th and 10th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence and the 3rd and 4th International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

18-02-2021 | Issue 1/2021


Ying Tan, Yuhui Shi, Xin Yao

06-06-2019 | Issue 1/2021

Cooperative search method for multiple AUVs based on target clustering and path optimization

Haifeng Ling, Tao Zhu, Weixiong He, Zhanliang Zhang, Hongchuan Luo

27-02-2019 | Issue 1/2021

Adaptive CCR-ELM with variable-length brain storm optimization algorithm for class-imbalance learning

Jian Cheng, Jingjing Chen, Yi-nan Guo, Shi Cheng, Linkai Yang, Pei Zhang

10-07-2019 | Issue 1/2021

Integrated probability multi-search and solution acceptance rule-based artificial bee colony optimization scheme for web service composition

N. Arunachalam, A. Amuthan

23-10-2019 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

A novel hybrid BPSO–SCA approach for feature selection

Lalit Kumar, Kusum Kumari Bharti

27-07-2019 | Issue 1/2021

A multi-objective feature selection method based on bacterial foraging optimization

Ben Niu, Wenjie Yi, Lijing Tan, Shuang Geng, Hong Wang

27-05-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Ensemble learning based on fitness Euclidean-distance ratio differential evolution for classification

Jing Liang, Yunpeng Wei, Boyang Qu, Caitong Yue, Hui Song

03-01-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Multi-objective bacterial colony optimization algorithm for integrated container terminal scheduling problem

Ben Niu, Qianying Liu, Zhengxu Wang, Lijing Tan, Li Li

21-05-2020 | Issue 1/2021

An enhanced monarch butterfly optimization with self-adaptive crossover operator for unconstrained and constrained optimization problems

Mingyang Chen

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Evolving graphs with semantic neutral drift

Timothy Atkinson, Detlef Plump, Susan Stepney

07-03-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Solving two-dimensional cutting stock problem via a DNA computing algorithm

M. Dodge, S. A. MirHassani, F. Hooshmand

12-01-2021 | Issue 1/2021

DNAQL: a query language for DNA sticker complexes

Robert Brijder, Joris J. M. Gillis, Jan Van den Bussche

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