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Neural Computing and Applications

Issue 34/2023

Content (29 Articles)

Open Access Review

The use of generative adversarial networks in medical image augmentation

Ahmed Makhlouf, Marina Maayah, Nada Abughanam, Cagatay Catal

Original Article

Q-learning whale optimization algorithm for test suite generation with constraints support

Ali Abdullah Hassan, Salwani Abdullah, Kamal Z. Zamli, Rozilawati Razali

Original Article

Diagnosis of breast cancer molecular subtypes using machine learning models on unimodal and multimodal datasets

Samta Rani, Tanvir Ahmad, Sarfaraz Masood, Chandni Saxena

Original Article

DAerosol-NTM: applying deep learning and neural Turing machine in aerosol prediction

Zahra-Sadat Asaei-Moamam, Faramraz Safi-Esfahani, Seyedali Mirjalili, Reza Mohammadpour, Mohamad-Hosein Nadimi-Shahraki

Original Article

Performance analysis of neural network-based unified physical layer for indoor hybrid LiFi–WiFi flying networks

Dil Nashin Anwar, Rizwana Ahmad, Haythem Bany Salameh, Hany Elgala, Moussa Ayyash

Original Article

MOPRD: A multidisciplinary open peer review dataset

Jialiang Lin, Jiaxin Song, Zhangping Zhou, Yidong Chen, Xiaodong Shi

Original Article

Multivariate long-time series traffic passenger flow prediction using causal convolutional sparse self-attention MTS-Informer

Miaonan Liu, Wei Wang, Xianhui Hu, Yunlai Fu, Fujin Xu, Xinying Miao

Open Access Original Article

Exploring unsupervised pre-training for echo state networks

Peter Steiner, Azarakhsh Jalalvand, Peter Birkholz

Original Article

Constraint trajectory planning for redundant space robot

Run Li, Ming Liu, Johannes Teutsch, Dirk Wollherr

Original Article

Gish: a novel activation function for image classification

Mustafa Kaytan, İbrahim Berkan Aydilek, Celaleddin Yeroğlu

Original Article

A many-objective evolutionary algorithm based on novel fitness estimation and grouping layering

Wei Zhang, Jianchang Liu, Junhua Liu, Yuanchao Liu, Honghai Wang

Open Access Original Article

Detection of solidification crack formation in laser beam welding videos of sheet metal using neural networks

Wenjie Huo, Nasim Bakir, Andrey Gumenyuk, Michael Rethmeier, Katinka Wolter

Original Article

Deep encoder–decoder-based shared learning for multi-criteria recommendation systems

Salam Fraihat, Bushra Abu Tahon, Bushra Alhijawi, Arafat Awajan

Original Article

Improvement of a pressure rise test rig for cooling capacity inference of hermetic compressors based on ANNs

Vinicius T. Barros, João P. Z. Machado, Antonio L. S. Pacheco, Rodolfo C. C. Flesch

Open Access Original Article

Sim-GAIL: A generative adversarial imitation learning approach of student modelling for intelligent tutoring systems

Zhaoxing Li, Lei Shi, Jindi Wang, Alexandra I. Cristea, Yunzhan Zhou

Original Article

Multiple frequency–spatial network for RGBT tracking in the presence of motion blur

Shenghua Fan, Xi Chen, Chu He, Lei Yu, Zhongjie Mao, Yujin Zheng

Original Article

SAMLink: a mobility signature augmentation model for trajectory-user linking

Chao-Xiong Chen, Wanyi Zhang, Bo Yu, Chao Chen

Open Access Original Article

DAC-HPP: deep attributed clustering with high-order proximity preserve

Kamal Berahmand, Yuefeng Li, Yue Xu

Open Access S. I : IWANN 2019

A novel keyframe extraction method for video classification using deep neural networks

Rukiye Savran Kızıltepe, John Q. Gan, Juan José Escobar

S.I. : IWANN 2019 SI on Advances in Computational Intelligence

Architectural richness in deep reservoir computing

Claudio Gallicchio, Alessio Micheli

S.I.: Deep Learning for Time Series Data

The flip-flop neuron: a memory efficient alternative for solving challenging sequence processing and decision-making problems

Sweta Kumari, Vigneswaran Chandrasekaran, V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy

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