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Neural Computing and Applications

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14-06-2021 | Original Article

A wavelet-based neural network scheme for supervised and unsupervised learning

We introduce a scheme for supervised and unsupervised learning based on successive decomposition of random inputs by means of wavelet basis. To each successive layer corresponds a different wavelet basis with more null moments than its …

13-06-2021 | Original Article

Multistability and circuit implementation of tabu learning two-neuron model: application to secure biomedical images in IoMT

In this paper, the dynamics of a non-autonomous tabu learning two-neuron model is investigated. The model is obtained by building a tabu learning two-neuron (TLTN) model with a composite hyperbolic tangent function consisting of three hyperbolic …

12-06-2021 | Original Article Open Access

Improvement of grey wolf optimizer with adaptive middle filter to adjust support vector machine parameters to predict diabetes complications

In medical science, collecting and classifying data from various diseases is a vital task. The confused and large amounts of data are problems that prevent us from achieving acceptable results. One of the major problems for diabetic patients is a …

12-06-2021 | Editorial

Special issue on intelligent computing methodologies in machine learning for IoT applications

12-06-2021 | Original Article

(1 + PD)-PID cascade controller design for performance betterment of load frequency control in diverse electric power systems

In our world of today developing incredibly fast, load frequency control (LFC) is an indispensable and vital element in increasing the standard of living of a country by providing a good quality of electric power. To this end, rapid and notable …

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Neural Computing & Applications is an international journal which publishes original research and other information in the field of practical applications of neural computing and related techniques such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy systems.

All items relevant to building practical systems are within its scope, including contributions in the area of applicable neural networks theory, supervised and unsupervised learning methods, algorithms, architectures, performance measures, applied statistics, software simulations, hardware implementations, benchmarks, system engineering and integration and case histories of innovative applications.

Featured contributions fall into several categories: Original Articles, Review Articles, Forum Presentations, Book Reviews, Announcements and NCAF News.

The Original Articles will be high-quality contributions, representing new and significant research, developments or applications of practical use and value. They will be reviewed by at least two referees. The Forum Presentations will be summaries of oral presentations made at quarterly meetings of the Natural Computing Applications Forum which will generally be reviewed by one referee.

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