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2018 | Book

Nuclear Energy

A Volume in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Series, Second Edition


About this book

This book provides an authoritative reference on all aspects of the nuclear energy enterprise for both fission and fusion reactors. Featuring 22 peer-reviewed chapters by recognized authorities in the field, the book offers concise yet comprehensive coverage of fundamentals, current areas of research, and goals for the future. Topics range from fundamental reactor physics calculations, reactor design, nuclear fuel resources, and the nuclear fuel cycle, to radiation detection and protection and the economics of nuclear power. All chapters have been updated from the first edition, with new chapters added on small modular reactors, medical applications - atomic and nuclear, an

d applications of radioisotopes. As each chapter is written by an acknowledged expert in the area, the reader can be assured that the text is accurate, up-to-date, and will appeal to a broad audience of undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and energy industry experts.

Table of Contents

Nuclear Energy, Introduction
Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
Fission Reactor Physics
Michael Natelson
Nuclear Fission Power Plants
Ronald Allen Knief
GEN-IV Reactors
Taek K. Kim
Small Modular Reactors
Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
Isotope Separation Methods for Nuclear Fuel
Shuichi Hasegawa
Nuclear Reactor Materials and Fuels
James S. Tulenko
Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycles
James S. Tulenko
Uranium and Thorium Resources
J. Stephen Herring
Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
Michael F. Simpson, Jack D. Law
Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning
David R. Turner
Radioactive Waste Management: Storage, Transport, and Disposal
Audeen W. Fentiman
Nuclear Fusion
Thomas J. Dolan
Nuclear Power Economics
M. R. Deinert
Radiation Sources
Richard E. Faw, J. Kenneth Shultis
Ionizing Radiation Detectors
Wm. David Kulp III
Health Physics
John W. Poston Sr.
John W. Poston Sr.
Radiation Shielding
J. Kenneth Shultis, Richard E. Faw
Applications of Radioisotopes
Robert Bruce Hayes
Nuclear Safeguards and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Materials
Michael C. Baker
Nuclear Energy
Prof. Nicholas Tsoulfanidis
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