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Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithms 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

29-06-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Pipeline implementations of Neumann–Neumann and Dirichlet–Neumann waveform relaxation methods

Benjamin W. Ong, Bankim C. Mandal

21-06-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

An efficient gradient method with approximate optimal stepsize for large-scale unconstrained optimization

Zexian Liu, Hongwei Liu

21-06-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Implementation of reduced gradient with bisection algorithms for non-convex optimization problem via stochastic perturbation

Abdelkrim El Mouatasim

28-06-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Efficient implementation of symplectic implicit Runge-Kutta schemes with simplified Newton iterations

Mikel Antoñana, Joseba Makazaga, Ander Murua

01-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

A new integrable convergence acceleration algorithm for computing Brezinski–Durbin–Redivo-Zaglia’s sequence transformation via pfaffians

Xiang-Ke Chang, Yi He, Xing-Biao Hu, Shi-Hao Li

17-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

An algorithm for the inversion of Laplace transforms using Puiseux expansions

Tongke Wang, Yuesheng Gu, Zhiyue Zhang

05-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Deterministic sparse FFT for M-sparse vectors

Gerlind Plonka, Katrin Wannenwetsch, Annie Cuyt, Wen-shin Lee

04-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

An efficient alternating direction method of multipliers for optimal control problems constrained by random Helmholtz equations

Jingshi Li, Xiaoshen Wang, Kai Zhang

20-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Iterative methods for solving proximal split minimization problems

M. Abbas, M. AlShahrani, Q. H. Ansari, O. S. Iyiola, Y. Shehu

08-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Trivariate near-best blending spline quasi-interpolation operators

D. Barrera, C. Dagnino, M. J. Ibáñez, S. Remogna

11-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

An eighth-order exponentially fitted two-step hybrid method of explicit type for solving orbital and oscillatory problems

J. M. Franco, L. Rández

24-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

Relaxed two points projection method for solving the multiple-sets split equality problem

Ya-zheng Dang, Jian Yao, Yan Gao

15-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

A partitioned finite element scheme based on Gauge-Uzawa method for time-dependent MHD equations

Qing Zhang, Haiyan Su, Xinlong Feng

11-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

A modified generalized shift-splitting preconditioner for nonsymmetric saddle point problems

Zheng-Ge Huang, Li-Gong Wang, Zhong Xu, Jing-Jing Cui

11-07-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2018

A supernodal block factorized sparse approximate inverse for non-symmetric linear systems

Massimiliano Ferronato, Giorgio Pini

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