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Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithms 1/2020

Issue 1/2020

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

04-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Differentiation matrices for univariate polynomials

Amirhossein Amiraslani, Robert M. Corless, Madhusoodan Gunasingam

05-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Fast discrete convolution in with radial kernels using non-uniform fast Fourier transform with nonequispaced frequencies

Martin Averseng

04-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Decomposition into subspaces preconditioning: abstract framework

Jakub Hrnčíř, Ivana Pultarová, Zdeněk Strakoš

04-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

A relaxation-type Galerkin FEM for nonlinear fractional Schrödinger equations

Meng Li, Chengming Huang, Wanyuan Ming

07-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

A priori error estimates of expanded mixed FEM for Kirchhoff type parabolic equation

Nisha Sharma, Morrakot Khebchareon, Amiya K. Pani

04-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

A breakdown-free algorithm for computing the determinants of periodic tridiagonal matrices

Ji-Teng Jia

19-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

A quadratic spline collocation method for the Dirichlet biharmonic problem

Bernard Bialecki, Graeme Fairweather, Andreas Karageorghis, Jonathan Maack

14-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Modulus-based matrix splitting methods for horizontal linear complementarity problems

Francesco Mezzadri, Emanuele Galligani

18-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Computing the Lambert W function in arbitrary-precision complex interval arithmetic

Fredrik Johansson

04-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Chebyshev spectral collocation method for system of nonlinear Volterra integral equations

Zhendong Gu

27-02-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

A study of Schröder’s method for the matrix pth root using power series expansions

Chun-Hua Guo, Di Lu

07-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Accelerated double-step scale splitting iteration method for solving a class of complex symmetric linear systems

Mehdi Dehghan, Akbar Shirilord

21-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

New self-adaptive step size algorithms for solving split variational inclusion problems and its applications

Yan Tang, Aviv Gibali

09-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Extending the applicability of the inexact Newton-HSS method for solving large systems of nonlinear equations

Ioannis K. Argyros, Santhosh George, Kedarnath Senapati

13-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

Note on error bounds for linear complementarity problems of Nekrasov matrices

Chaoqian Li, Shaorong Yang, Hui Huang, Yaotang Li, Yimin Wei

18-03-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020

A structural analysis of field/circuit coupled problems based on a generalised circuit element

Idoia Cortes Garcia, Herbert De Gersem, Sebastian Schöps

05-04-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

GPU acceleration of splitting schemes applied to differential matrix equations

Hermann Mena, Lena-Maria Pfurtscheller, Tony Stillfjord

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