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Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithms 3/2018

Issue 3/2018

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

08-09-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Extended explicit pseudo two-step RKN methods for oscillatory systems y ″ + M y = f(y)

Jiyong Li, Shuo Deng, Xianfen Wang

18-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Jacobi method for symmetric 4 × 4 matrices converges for every cyclic pivot strategy

Erna Begović Kovač, Vjeran Hari

18-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

On the convergence of s-dependent GFR conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimization

Wenling Zhao, Changyu Wang, Yajing Gu

18-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

l 1-l 2 regularization of split feasibility problems

Abdellatif Moudafi, Aviv Gibali

22-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Circumcentering the Douglas–Rachford method

Roger Behling, José Yunier Bello Cruz, Luiz-Rafael Santos

22-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Missing boundary data recovery using Nash games: the Stokes system

A. Ben Abda, F. Khayat

16-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Quasi-interpolation and outliers removal

Anat Amir, David Levin

26-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Proximal point algorithms for solving convex minimization problem and common fixed points problem of asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in CAT(0) spaces with convergence analysis

Nuttapol Pakkaranang, Poom Kumam, Yeol Je Cho

25-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Dynamic study of Schröder’s families of first and second kind

Miodrag S. Petković, Ljiljana D. Petković

31-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018 Open Access

Are the eigenvalues of preconditioned banded symmetric Toeplitz matrices known in almost closed form?

Fayyaz Ahmad, Eman Salem Al-Aidarous, Dina Abdullah Alrehaili, Sven-Erik Ekström, Isabella Furci, Stefano Serra-Capizzano

31-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

An inexact alternating direction method of multipliers for the solution of linear complementarity problems arising from free boundary problems

Jian-Jun Zhang, Jian-Li Zhang, Wan-Zhou Ye

29-08-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Two accelerated nonmonotone adaptive trust region line search methods

Saman Babaie–Kafaki, Saeed Rezaee

02-09-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

A prewavelet-based algorithm for the solution of second-order elliptic differential equations with variable coefficients on sparse grids

Rainer Hartmann, Christoph Pflaum

09-09-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

PDE-W-methods for parabolic problems with mixed derivatives

S. González-Pinto, E. Hairer, D. Hernández-Abreu, S. Pérez-Rodríguez

07-09-2017 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2018

Inexactly constrained discrete adjoint approach for steepest descent-based optimization algorithms

David A. Brown, Siva Nadarajah

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