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Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Algorithms 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Table of Contents ( 15 Articles )

11-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Coiflets solutions for Föppl-von Kármán equations governing large deflection of a thin flat plate by a novel wavelet-homotopy approach

Qiang Yu, Hang Xu, Shijun Liao

23-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A new chaos optimization algorithm based on symmetrization and levelling approaches for global optimization

N. Aslimani, R. Ellaia

05-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

On the accelerated modified Newton-HSS method for systems of nonlinear equations

Ya-Min Li, Xue-Ping Guo

16-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Zeros of Jacobi polynomials , − 2 < α, β < − 1

Kathy Driver, Kerstin Jordaan

19-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Waveform relaxation of partial differential equations

Yao-Lin Jiang, Zhen Miao

25-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Two temporal second-order H1-Galerkin mixed finite element schemes for distributed-order fractional sub-diffusion equations

Xiaoli Li, Hongxing Rui

26-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A preconditioned general modulus-based matrix splitting iteration method for linear complementarity problems of H-matrices

Xianping Wu, Xiaofei Peng, Wen Li

31-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018 Open Access

A Schur complement approach to preconditioning sparse linear least-squares problems with some dense rows

Jennifer Scott, Miroslav Tůma

01-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A descent hybrid conjugate gradient method based on the memoryless BFGS update

Ioannis E. Livieris, Vassilis Tampakas, Panagiotis Pintelas

30-01-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Fast convergence of an inexact interior point method for horizontal complementarity problems

C. A. Arias, J. M. Martínez

01-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Circulant preconditioners for analytic functions of Toeplitz matrices

Sean Hon, Andrew Wathen

08-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A new simultaneous iterative method with a parameter for solving the extended split equality problem and the extended split equality fixed point problem

Haitao Che, Haibin Chen, Meixia Li

13-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

Multiple reduced gradient method for multiobjective optimization problems

M. El Moudden, A. El Ghali

14-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

The modulus-based matrix splitting iteration methods for second-order cone linear complementarity problems

Yi-Fen Ke, Chang-Feng Ma, Huai Zhang

10-02-2018 | Original Paper | Issue 4/2018

A smoothing Levenberg-Marquardt method for nonlinear complementarity problems

Linsen Song, Yan Gao

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