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19-10-2020 | Original Paper

Local and parallel finite element methods for the coupled Stokes/Darcy model

In this paper, based on two-grid discretizations, two kinds of local and parallel finite element methods are proposed and investigated for the coupled Stokes/Darcy model. Following the idea presented in Xu and Zhou (Math. Comput. 69, 881–909 …

18-10-2020 | Original Paper

Asynchronous Richardson iterations: theory and practice

We consider asynchronous versions of the first- and second-order Richardson methods for solving linear systems of equations. These methods depend on parameters whose values are chosen a priori. We explore the parameter values that can be proven to …

15-10-2020 | Original Paper

An algorithm based on QSVD for the quaternion equality constrained least squares problem

Quaternion equality constrained least squares (QLSE) problems have attracted extensive attention in the field of mathematical physics due to its applicability as an extremely effective tool. However, the knowledge gap among numerous QLSE problems …

14-10-2020 | Original Paper

Second derivative backward differentiation formulae for ODEs based on barycentric rational interpolants

For their several attractive features from the viewpoint of the numerical computations, linear barycentric rational interpolants have been recently used to construct various numerical methods for solving different classes of equations. In this …

10-10-2020 | Original Paper

Waveform relaxation for fractional sub-diffusion equations

We report a new kind of waveform relaxation (WR) method for general semi-linear fractional sub-diffusion equations, and analyze the upper bound for the iteration errors. It indicates that the WR method is convergent superlinearly, and the …

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The Numerical Algorithms journal offers high quality papers containing material not published elsewhere. The journal presents original and review papers on all aspects of numerical algorithms and numerical analysis: new algorithms, theoretical results, implementation, numerical stability, complexity, parallel computing, subroutines and applications, interpolation, approximation, quadrature, numerical linear algebra, differential equations (ordinary, partial, fractional), optimization, CAGD, integral equations, linear and nonlinear programming, variational inequalities, systems of nonlinear equations, software, etc. Papers on computer algebra related to obtaining numerical results are also included. Articles presenting new methods only based on numerical results and without any theoretical justification cannot be considered for publication.

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