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20-04-2023 | Off-highway | News | Article

Fendt Tests Fuel Cell Tractor in H2 Project

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Commercial vehicle manufacturer Fendt has shown a first prototype of a tractor with fuel cell drive. Fendt is thus participating in the H2Agrar agricultural model project. 

Together with other partners, Fendt is participating in the H2Agrar agricultural model project in Lower Saxony (Germany). The hydrogen infrastructure for agricultural use is to be researched there. The green hydrogen is produced using green energy from a local community wind farm. In the model project, hydrogen-powered tractors will be used regularly on farms. To this end, Fendt will deliver its two first-generation prototypes to farms in Haren (Emsland) in Lower Saxony. The fuel cell tractor was shown at the "Hydrogen Summit" of the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. However, technical details were not given.

Within the project, the hydrogen consumption of the tractors is to be determined. In addition, the technical requirements for a suitable hydrogen infrastructure for agriculture are to be researched. These findings will form the basis for further research into reducing CO2 emissions from agricultural vehicles. "I see hydrogen as a very important solution to problems in agriculture and forestry. Agriculture and forestry can supply a lot of energy, which can also be used to generate hydrogen. Agri-PV plants or wind power generate electricity on agricultural and forestry land and use it to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen from biogas plants or from forest residual wood is also conceivable," said Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.


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