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Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions

Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions
140 Volumes | 2005 - 2020


The Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions series is international in orientation and includes studies of banking systems in particular countries or regions as well as contemporary themes such as Islamic Banking, Financial Exclusion, Mergers and Acquisitions, Risk Management, and IT in Banking. The books focus on research and practice and include up to date and innovative studies that cover issues which impact banking systems globally.

All books of the series Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions

2017 | Book

Banking Reforms in India

Consolidation, Restructuring and Performance

This book provides a historical evaluation of banking reforms and structural changes in India over the past 25 years. Chapters cover issues in consolidation and restructuring, competition and concentration, performance evaluation in terms of cost …

2017 | Book

Non-Performing Loans and Resolving Private Sector Insolvency

Experiences from the EU Periphery and the Case of Greece

This book explores the issue of private sector over-indebtedness following the recent financial crisis. It addresses the various challenges for policymakers, investors and economic agents affected by applied remedial policies as the private …

2017 | Book

Operational Risk Management in Banks

Regulatory, Organizational and Strategic Issues

This book focuses on several topical issues related to the operational risk management in bank: regulation, organisation and strategy. It analyses the connections between the different key-players involved in the operational risk process and the …

2017 | Book

The Role of Deposit Guarantee Schemes as a Financial Safety Net in the European Union

This book examines the changing role of Deposit Guarantee Schemes (DGSs) as a financial safety net of the European Union, with specific emphasis on post-crisis reforms. The author identifies the institutional weaknesses of DGSs and analyses their …

2017 | Book

Securitization: Past, Present and Future

This book aims to explore if and how securitization changed financial intermediation and lending behaviour by reviewing the pre- and post-financial crisis theoretical and empirical literature. The book’s distinctive feature is bringing the growing …

2017 | Book

The Business of Banking

Models, Risk and Regulation

This book offers new insights on banking business models, risks and regulation proposals in the aftermath of the European financial crisis. It investigates the main issues affecting the business of banking nowadays, such as low interest rates and …

2017 | Book

Financial Markets, SME Financing and Emerging Economies

This book investigates small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) access to credit, the earning quality, and the cost of debt in the European Union. It also examines two important risk measures in financial markets: the volatility index (VIX) and …

2017 | Book

Risk Culture in Banking

This book explores risk culture in banks following the financial crisis. It analyses the role of national and institutional risk culture, market competitiveness, organisational systems and institutional practices that led to a weakening of risk …

2017 | Book

Taxation in Crisis

Tax Policy and the Quest for Economic Growth

This book offers a comprehensive guide to modern day taxation issues. It presents a thorough overview of many of the crucial aspects of applied taxation and current tax systems, and presents evidence that supports taxation as an important policy …

2016 | Book

Banking in Portugal

This book explains how banking institutions in Portugal were able to maintain their strength and solubility while undergoing a demanding Program of Financial Assistance from the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European

2016 | Book

Non-Knowledge Risk and Bank-Company Management

The Role of Intangibles in Rating Models

This book provides guidance for achieving a rating system capable of understanding and enhancing the intangible assets of a company.

2016 | Book

The European Banking Union

Supervision and Resolution

This volume examines the numerous changes occurring in European legislation for the prevention and management of banking crises.

2016 | Book

Internal Rating Systems and the Bank-Firm Relationship

Valuing Company Networks

This book provides the conceptual and operational tools for understanding the mechanisms for assigning a rating to a network of companies. In it, the author explores the rating systems of corporate networks and analyses the link between rating and …

2016 | Book

The European Banking Union

A Critical Assessment

Why did European policy-makers introduce the Banking Union? Which are its main features? How does it affect banks and their customers? This book tries to answer these questions, by providing a clear description of the building blocks of the …

2016 | Book

Crowdfunding for SMEs

A European Perspective

Crowdfunding for SMEs: A European Perspective provides a valuable insight into this new source of capital. In particular, the authors focus on financial return crowdfunding, which repays the crowd either through debt or equity. This source of …

2016 | Book

Valuing Banks

A New Corporate Finance Approach

This book aims to overcome the limitations the variations in bank-specifics impose by providing a bank-specific valuation theoretical framework and a new asset-side model. The book includes also a constructive comparison of equity and asset side …

2016 | Book

Singapore as an International Financial Centre

History, Policy and Politics

This book provides an analysis of Singapore’s development and success as an international financial centre (IFC). Chapters demonstrate how Singapore plays a critical role in both Asian and global financial markets, despite its relatively small …

2016 | Book

Liquidity Risk, Efficiency and New Bank Business Models

This book provides insight into current research topics in finance and banking in the aftermath of the financial crisis. In this volume, authors present empirical research on liquidity risk discussed in the context of Basel III and its …

2016 | Book

Bank Funding, Financial Instruments and Decision-Making in the Banking Industry

This book provides insight into current research topics in finance and banking in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Expert authors authoritatively analyse how banks finance their activities and resolve funding issues. Chapters specifically …

2016 | Book

The Shadow Banking System

Creating Transparency in the Financial Markets

The book shows the fundaments of the shadow banking system and its entities, operations and risks. Focusing on the regulatory aspects, it provides an original view that is able to demonstrate that the lack of supervision is a market failure.