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Palgrave Studies in the History of Economic Thought

Palgrave Studies in the History of Economic Thought
34 Volumes | 2013 - 2021


Palgrave Studies in the History of Economic Thought publishes contributions by leading scholars, illuminating key events, theories and individuals that have had a lasting impact on the development of modern-day economics. The topics covered include the development of economies, institutions and theories.

The series aims to highlight the academic importance of the history of economic thought, linking it with wider discussions within economics and society more generally. It contains a broad range of titles that illustrate the breath of discussions – from influential economists and schools of thought, through to historical and modern social trends and challenges – within the discipline.

All books in the series undergo a single-blind peer review at both the proposal and manuscript submission stages.

For further information on the series and to submit a proposal for consideration, please contact the Wyndham Hacket Pain (Economics Editor)

All books of the series Palgrave Studies in the History of Economic Thought

2021 | Book

Marshall and the Marshallian Heritage

Essays in Honour of Tiziano Raffaelli

Tiziano Raffaelli (Pisa 1950) was a widely esteemed scholar in the field of the history and methodology of economics, who died suddenly in January 2016 while still in the midst of working and of developing projects for new lines of research. He …

2021 | Book

Political Economy and International Order in Interwar Europe

Standard histories of European integration emphasize the immediate aftermath of World War II as the moment when the seeds of the European Union were first sown. However, the interwar years witnessed a flurry of concern with the reconstruction of …

2021 | Book

Fetishism and the Theory of Value

Reassessing Marx in the 21st Century

This book demonstrates the continuing relevance of Marx’s critique of the capitalist system, in which value is simply equated with market price. It includes chapters specifically on the environment and financialisation, and presents Marx’s …

2021 | Book

The Gypsy Economist

The Life and Times of Colin Clark

This book offers the first intellectual biography of the Anglo Australian economist, Colin Clark. Despite taking the economics world by storm with a mercurial ability for statistical analysis, Clark’s work has been largely overlooked in the 30 …

2021 | Book

A Reflection on Sraffa’s Revolution in Economic Theory

This book presents a substantial collection of essays from a wide range of well respected scholars addressing several aspects of Piero Sraffa’s economics in light of continuing controversies over the interpretation that should be placed on his …

2021 | Book

The Dynamics of Poverty

Circular, Cumulative Causation, Value Judgments, Institutions and Social Engineering in the World of Gunnar Myrdal

This book examines Gunnar Myrdal’s analysis of poverty in relation to Sweden, the United States, South Asia, and the international economy. The chapters investigate Mrydal’s methodological development and his focus on the principle of circular and …

2021 | Book

Keynes on Uncertainty and Tragic Happiness

Complexity and Expectations

Most economists who read the General Theory candidly admitted that they could not understand the theoretical apparatus and found it easy to recast it in traditional terms. This book provides a masterful guide to the generally unrecognized …

2020 | Book

War in Economic Theories over Time

Assessing the True Economic, Social and Political Costs

This book offers the first systematic analysis of economic thought concerning war. It retraces debates on war from the formation of European states, the rise of Mercantilism, to Colonialism, Imperialism, the World Wars and the Cold War. Allio …

2020 | Book

New Perspectives on Political Economy and Its History

This Festschrift is published in honour of Annalisa Rosselli, a political economist and historian of economic thought, whose academic activity has promoted unconventional ways of thinking throughout her career. A renowned list of scholars …

2020 | Book

An Institutional History of Italian Economics in the Interwar Period — Volume II

The Economics Profession and Fascist Institutions

Italy is well known for its prominent economists, as well as for the typical public profile they have constantly revealed. But, when facing an illiberal and totalitarian regime, how closely did Italian economists collaborate with government in …

2020 | Book

Vilfredo Pareto: An Intellectual Biography Volume III

From Liberty to Science (1898–1923)

This volume of intellectual biography takes the Italian economist, sociologist, political scientist Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) from his disillusionment with liberal and pacifist activism, to the original development of pure economics and the …

2020 | Book

An Introduction to the History of Economic Thought in Central Europe

This book addresses the comparative history of economic thought in Central European countries where there is a notable common historic heritage and political traits. The author explores issues of Central European identity, Habsburgian and Soviet …

2019 | Book

Ajit Singh of Cambridge and Chandigarh

An Intellectual Biography of the Radical Sikh Economist

This book examines the life and work of Ajit Singh (1940-2015), a leading radical post-Keynesian applied economist who made major contributions to the policy-oriented study of both developed and developing economies, and was a key figure in the …

2019 | Book

An Institutional History of Italian Economics in the Interwar Period — Volume I

Adapting to the Fascist Regime

Italy is well known for its prominent economists, as well as for the typical public profile they have constantly revealed. But, when facing an illiberal and totalitarian regime, how closely did Italian economists collaborate with government in …

2019 | Book

Making Sense of Joan Robinson on China

Joan Robinson was a member of the famous Keynes Circus of young economists at Cambridge in the 1930's. She was a theorist par excellence, making outstanding contributions to the understanding of competition, aggregate demand and capital. At the …

2018 | Book

Luigi L. Pasinetti: An Intellectual Biography

Leading Scholar and System Builder of the Cambridge School of Economics

Luigi L. Pasinetti (born 1930) is arguably the most influential of the second generation of the Cambridge Keynesian School of Economics, both because of his achievements and his early involvement with the direct pupils of John Maynard Keynes. This …

2018 | Book

Michał Kalecki: An Intellectual Biography

Volume II: By Intellect Alone 1939–1970

This volume of intellectual biography records the work of Michał Kalecki’s maturity: his work on monetary economics and the theory of profits; his work on the problems of socialism and developing countries; and the extension of his theory of …

2018 | Book

Vilfredo Pareto: An Intellectual Biography Volume I

From Science to Liberty (1848–1891)

This three volume series of intellectual biography considers the life, work and impact on economic, social and political theory of the Italian economist, sociologist and political scientist Vilfredo Pareto (1848–1923).

This volume covers the period …

2018 | Book

The New Institutionalist Economic History of Douglass C. North

A Critical Interpretation

This book offers a comprehensive assessment of Douglass North’s contribution to economics and the social sciences by examining the origins and structure of his New Institutionalist Economic History (NIEH). Informed by contemporary debates in the …

2018 | Book

Power in Economic Thought

This book offers a pluralistic vision of the way economists have dealt with the question of power in society over the last two centuries. Economists’ ideas about power are examined from political, theoretical and policy-making points of view, with …