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08-07-2024 | Passenger Cars | Editor´s Pick | News

Bosch CEO calls for Openness to Technology

Author: Stefanie Burgmaier

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Following the European elections, the balance of power in Brussels has shifted. This will also have an impact on the regulations for the automotive industry.

European policy must set a "technology-open, clear direction" in order to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector to zero, Stefan Hartung, Chairman of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH, told journalists in Frankfurt. The European Parliament was re-elected last week. The green parties lost votes, while the right-wing groups made significant gains. The new balance of power could lead to the end of traditional combustion engines being reconsidered.

For Hartung, who has headed Germany's largest automotive supplier since January 2022, zero-emission transport will only succeed if all forces are mobilized and all technologies are combined. "I can't say which technology will prevail," said Hartung, but there will be "combustion engines for a very long time to come". In the end, the customer will decide which technology to use.

Hartung Remains Optimistic for German Automotive Industry

Bosch is therefore not only investing in the expansion of electromobility, but also in combustion engines that run on hydrogen or alternative fuels. Hartung believes that residual fuels made from waste and biofuels produced from plants are a particularly good solution. The Bosch boss is more skeptical about e-fuels. He sees problems with scaling there.

Despite the major challenges, Hartung remains optimistic about the German automotive industry. According to Hartung, the German automotive industry has become strong due to its "internal competition" and will remain strong.

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