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22-06-2019 | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Small Business Economics 3/2020

Pathways of SME internationalization: a bibliometric and systematic review

Small Business Economics > Issue 3/2020
Marina Dabić, Jane Maley, Leo-Paul Dana, Ivan Novak, Massimiliano M. Pellegrini, Andrea Caputo
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Business is dynamic and rapidly changing. Global markets were previously the playing field of multinational corporations (MNCs), while small and medium enterprises (SMEs) were local; however, the removal of imposed barriers and recent technological advances in manufacturing, transportation, and communications have indorsed SMEs and international entrepreneurs (IEs) global access. SMEs and IEs are increasingly fueling economic growth and innovation, and these trends are presenting both opportunities and challenges to both MNCs and SMEs in the global arena. This review systematically examines comparative SME and IE research, analyzing (after fine-tuning) 762 articles published in leading journals from 1992 to September 2018. Our bibliometric and systematic review classifies SME and IE research findings into three echelons: (i) subjects, (ii) theories, and (iii) methods.

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