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Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 1/2022
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications

Issue 1/2022


Table of Contents (51 Articles)


Determination of energy efficient optimal sojourn location of mobile sinks in clustered corona-based wireless sensor networks
Mohaideen Pitchai K


Decentralized access control technique with multi-tier authentication of user for cloud storage
S. Shiny, J. Jasper


An improved k-angle coverage algorithm for multimedia wireless sensor networks based on two-layer tabu search
Huarui Wu, Huaji Zhu, Xiao Han


A novel hierarchical fault management framework for wireless sensor networks: HFMF
Elham Moridi, Majid Haghparast, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, Somayyeh Jafarali Jassbi


Double agents-DQL based D2D computing-offloading for SHVC
Jianlong Liu, Jiaye Wen, Lixia Lin, Wen’an Zhou


Enabling rank-based distribution of microservices among containers for green cloud computing environment
Abdul Saboor, Ahmad Kamil Mahmood, Abdullah Hisam Omar, Mohd Fadzil Hassan, Syed Nasir Mehmood Shah, Ali Ahmadian


Robustness against fraudulent activities of a blockchain-based online review system
Tanakorn Karode, Warodom Werapun


A two-phase fuzzy based access network selection scheme for vehicular ad hoc networks
C. Suganthi Evangeline, Vinoth Babu Kumaravelu


The reliable routing for software-defined vehicular networks towards beyond 5G
Yaoguang Lu, Xingwei Wang, Bo Yi, Min Huang


Machine-learning-based cache partition method in cloud environment
Jiefan Qiu, Zonghan Hua, Lei Liu, Mingsheng Cao, Dajiang Chen


MINAD: Multi-inputs Neural Network based on Application Structure for Android Malware Detection
Duc V. Nguyen, Giang L. Nguyen, Thang T. Nguyen, Anh H. Ngo, Giang T. Pham

Open Access 24-09-2021

Distributed Address Table (DAT): A Decentralized Model for End-to-End Communication in IoT
Mohammed B. M. Kamel, Peter Ligeti, Adam Nagy, Christoph Reich

Open Access 01-01-2022

Joint computation offloading and deployment optimization in multi-UAV-enabled MEC systems
Zheyi Chen, Hongqiang Zheng, Jianshan Zhang, Xianghan Zheng, Chunming Rong


Cryptographically secure privacy-preserving authenticated key agreement protocol for an IoT network: A step towards critical infrastructure protection
Vidyotma Thakur, Gaurav Indra, Nitin Gupta, Pushpita Chatterjee, Omar Said, Amr Tolba


Analytical modelling of false blocking problem in wireless ad hoc networks
Wai Kheong Chong, Micheal Drieberg, Varun Jeoti, Rizwan Ahmad


An OLSR-based Geocast Routing Protocol for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Maryam Ataei Kachooei, Faramarz Hendessi, Behrouz Shahgholi Ghahfarokhi, Mostafa Nozari


Efficient topology control of blockchain peer to peer network based on SDN paradigm
Varun Deshpande, Hakim Badis, Laurent George

Open Access 06-10-2021

Clover: An anonymous transaction relay protocol for the bitcoin P2P network
Federico Franzoni, Vanesa Daza


Continuous improvement of script-driven verifiable random functions for reducing computing power in blockchain consensus protocols
Guanglai Guo, Yan Zhu, E Chen, Guizhen Zhu, Di Ma, William ChengChung Chu


Deep action: A mobile action recognition framework using edge offloading
Deyu Zhang, Heguo Zhang, Sijing Duan, Yunzhen Luo, Fucheng Jia, Feng Liu


SCMP-V: A secure multiple relays cooperative downloading scheme with privacy preservation in VANETs
Xuejiao Liu, Chuanhua Wang, Wei Chen, Yingjie Xia, Gaoxiang Zhu


LocTrust: A local and global consensus-combined trust model in MANETs
Shuai Zhou, Ge Zhang, Xianfu Meng


MPLDS: An integration of CP-ABE and local differential privacy for achieving multiple privacy levels data sharing
Haina Song, Xinyu Han, Jie Lv, Tao Luo, Jianfeng Li


A new fog-based routing strategy (FBRS) for vehicular ad-hoc networks
Khaled S. El Gayyar, Ahmed I. Saleh, Labib M. Labib

Open Access 14-10-2021

AToM: Active topology monitoring for the bitcoin peer-to-peer network
Federico Franzoni, Xavier Salleras, Vanesa Daza


Energy aware MAC protocol with mobility management in wireless body area network
Mrinai Maneetkumar Dhanvijay, Shailaja C. Patil


Trusted resource allocation based on proof-of-reputation consensus mechanism for edge computing
Qiaohong Hu, Hongju Cheng, Xiaoqi Zhang, Chengkuan Lin


Obfuscation-based location privacy-preserving scheme in cloud-enabled internet of vehicles
Leila Benarous, Benamar Kadri


A hybrid approach towards reduced checkpointing overhead in cloud-based applications
Bharati Sinha, Awadhesh Kumar Singh, Poonam Saini


An autonomous intrusion detection system for the RPL protocol
Mohammad Shirafkan, Ali Shahidienjad, Mostafa Ghobaei-Arani


An improved secure certificateless public-key searchable encryption scheme with multi-trapdoor privacy
Guang Yang, Junling Guo, Lidong Han, Xuejiao Liu, Chengliang Tian


An efficient and privacy-preserving mutual authentication with key agreement scheme for telecare medicine information system
Yulei Chen, Jianhua Chen


Application-aware QoS routing in SDNs using machine learning techniques
Weichang Zheng, Mingcong Yang, Chenxiao Zhang, Yu Zheng, Yunyi Wu, Yongbing Zhang, Jie Li


Privacy-preserving comparison based data aggregation protocols for mobile sensing
Weinan Liu


An uneven annulus sector grid-based energy-efficient multi-hop routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
Jianhua Huang, Tianqi Li, Zhigang Shi


A trust based energy and mobility aware routing protocol to improve infotainment services in VANETs
Shaik Shafi, D. Venkata Ratnam


Fuzzy routing for in-network aggregation in wireless sensor networks
Radhakrishnan Maivizhi, Palanichamy Yogesh


Clustered NOMA-based downlink adaptive relay coordinated transmission scheme for future 6G cell-free edge network
Xuefei Peng, Xiaoming Yuan, Kuan Zhang


Big data analytics for critical information classification in online social networks using classifier chains
Douglas H. Silva, Erick G. Maziero, Muhammad Saadi, Renata L. Rosa, Juan C. Silva, Demostenes Z. Rodriguez, Kostromitin K. Igorevich


EMBOF-RPL: Improved RPL for early detection and isolation of rank attack in RPL-based internet of things
A. O. Bang, Udai Pratap Rao


An optimal load balancing strategy for P2P network using chicken swarm optimization
Dharmendra Kumar, Mayank Pandey


Joint resource allocation for QoE optimization in large-scale NOMA-enabled multi-cell networks
Jie Jia, Yao Xu, Zhenjun Du, Jian Chen, Qinghu Wang, Xingwei Wang


Optimal hybrid heat transfer search and grey wolf optimization-based homomorphic encryption model to assure security in cloud-based IoT environment
J. Thresa Jeniffer, A. Chandrasekar


BCPPT: A blockchain-based privacy-preserving and traceability identity management scheme for intellectual property
Chuxin Zhuang, Qingyun Dai, Yue Zhang


Cloudlet deployment for workflow applications in a mobile edge computing-wireless metropolitan area network
Xu Zhao, Chaowei Lin, Jianshan Zhang


An intelligent traffic prediction framework for 5G network using SDN and fusion learning
K. Tamil Selvi, R. Thamilselvan


Reducing the number of transaction messages in bitcoin
Vojislav B. Mišić, Jelena Mišić, Xiaolin Chang


Joint pricing and task allocation for blockchain empowered crowd spectrum sensing
Wenbin Chen, Wei Wang, Zuguang Li, Qiang Ye, Qihui Wu


Developing a novel methodology for virtual machine introspection to classify unknown malware functions
Rahul N. Vaza, Ramesh Prajapati, Dushyantsinh Rathod, Dineshkumar Vaghela


Efficient path-sense transmission based on IoT system in opportunistic social networks
Xiaoli Li, Huamei Qi, Jia Wu


Towards intelligent P2P IPTV overlay management through classification of peers
Muhammad Ali, Rizwan Asghar, Ihsan Ullah, Atiq Ahmed, Waheed Noor, Junaid Baber

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