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Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications

Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 6/2020

Issue 6/2020

Includes a Special Issue on Security and Privacy of Machine Learning Assisted P2P Networks

Table of Contents ( 41 Articles )

16-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A novel heuristic based energy efficient routing strategy in wireless sensor network

G. S. Binu, B. Shajimohan

16-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Multicriteria dragonfly graph theory based resource optimized virtual network mapping technique for home medical care service provisioning in cloud

N. Balamurugan, J. Raja, R. Pitchai

17-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Reliable data dissemination for the Internet of Things using Harris hawks optimization

Ali Seyfollahi, Ali Ghaffari

29-07-2020 | Publisher Correction | Issue 6/2020

Correction to: Reliable data dissemination for the internet of things using Harris hawks optimization

Ali Seyfollahi, Ali Ghaffari

18-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A novel multi-objective optimization strategy for enhancing quality of service in IoT-enabled WSN applications

A. Prasanth, S. Jayachitra

20-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

SINR based association algorithm for indoor device-to-device communication networks

Sreedevi A. G., T. Rama Rao

24-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

An analytical model for churn process in Bitcoin network with ordinary and relay nodes

Saeideh G. Motlagh, Jelena Mišić, Vojislav B. Mišić

28-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A Robust user authentication protocol with privacy-preserving for roaming service in mobility environments

R. Shashidhara, Sriramulu Bojjagani, Anup Kumar Maurya, Saru Kumari, Hu Xiong

29-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

An integrated P2P framework for E-learning

Nikita Bhagatkar, Kapil Dolas, R. K. Ghosh, Sajal K. Das

31-07-2019 | Issue 6/2020

Multi-keyword score threshold and B+ tree indexing based top-K query retrieval in cloud

K. Karthika Lekshmi, M. Vigilson Prem

23-08-2019 | Issue 6/2020

Dynamic alternate buffer switching and congestion control in wireless multimedia sensor networks

K. Sumathi, P. Pandiaraja

28-08-2019 | Issue 6/2020

An intelligent approach for energy efficient trajectory design for mobile sink based IoT supported wireless sensor networks

S. K. Sathya Lakshmi Preeth, R. Dhanalakshmi, P. Mohamed Shakeel

11-09-2019 | Issue 6/2020

Machine learning based multi scale parallel K-means++ clustering for cloud assisted internet of things

S. K. Mydhili, S. Periyanayagi, S. Baskar, P. Mohamed Shakeel, P. R. Hariharan

26-10-2019 | Issue 6/2020

A distributed intelligent mobile application for analyzing travel big data analytics

L. Maria Michael Visuwasam, D. Paul Raj

02-11-2019 | Issue 6/2020

RFDCAR: Robust failure node detection and dynamic congestion aware routing with network coding technique for wireless sensor network

T. Gobinath, A. Tamilarasi

28-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Cognitive radio technology with reduced PAPR and complexity for IoT-based OFDM networks

C Ajitha, T. Jaya

28-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Fuzzy logic hybridized artificial intelligence for computing and networking on internet of things platform

Hongzhuo Qi

28-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Enhanced data accuracy based PATH discovery using backing route selection algorithm in MANET

R. P. Premanand, A. Rajaram

29-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

An efficient fuzziness based contiguous node refining scheme with cross-layer routing path in WSN

R. Elavarasan, K. Chitra

29-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A reward based connectivity-aware IoV neighbor selection for improving reliability in healthcare information exchange

Tamizharasi Thirugnanam, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib

29-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

IOT based wearable sensor for diseases prediction and symptom analysis in healthcare sector

BalaAnand Muthu, C. B. Sivaparthipan, Gunasekaran Manogaran, Revathi Sundarasekar, Seifedine Kadry, A. Shanthini, Antony Dasel

29-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Channel aware optimized proportional fair scheduler for LTE downlink

B. Satheesh Monikandan, A. Sivasubramanian, S. P. K. Babu, G. K. D. Prasanna Venkatesan, C. Arunachalaperumal

29-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Reliability refinement in VANET with hybrid jamming attacks using novel index based voting algorithm

G. B. Santhi, D. Sheela

30-01-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Defense model for preserving the wind turbine Records in Cloud Using fog Computing with coupling based cryptography

A. Agasthian, Rajendra Pamula, L. A. Kumaraswamidhas

17-02-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Advanced delay assured numerical heuristic modelling for peer to peer project management in cloud assisted internet of things platform

Bo Wang, Tian-yu Fan, Xiang-tian Nie

17-02-2020 | Issue 6/2020

MANFIS based SMART home energy management system to support SMART grid

Jabash Samuel G.K, Jasper J

18-02-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Improved network lifetime to identify unexploited PATH using series cornerstone PATH algorithm in wireless sensor networks

A. S. Anshad, R. Radhakrishnan

20-02-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Dynamic allocation strategy of VM resources with fuzzy transfer learning method

Xiang Wu, Huanhuan Wang, Wei Tan, Dashun Wei, Minyu Shi

23-02-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A high-performance scheduling algorithm using greedy strategy toward quality of service in the cloud environments

Zhou Zhou, Hongmin Wang, Huailing Shao, Lifeng Dong, Junyang Yu

22-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Improved community structure discovery algorithm based on combined clique percolation method and K-means algorithm

Zhou Zhou, Zhuopeng Xiao, WeiHong Deng

15-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Security and privacy of machine learning assisted P2P networks

Hongwei Li, Rongxing Lu, Mohamed M. E. A. Mahmoud

14-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

CSNN: Password guessing method based on Chinese syllables and neural network

Yi Zhang, Hequn Xian, Aimin Yu

13-05-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Achieving reliable timestamp in the bitcoin platform

Guangkai Ma, Chunpeng Ge, Lu Zhou

05-10-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Efficient distributed privacy-preserving collaborative outlier detection

Zhaohui Wei, Qingqi Pei, Xuefeng Liu, Lichuan Ma

03-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Privacy-preserving k-means clustering with local synchronization in peer-to-peer networks

Youwen Zhu, Xingxin Li

07-10-2020 | Issue 6/2020

An optimal uplink traffic offloading algorithm via opportunistic communications based on machine learning

Qian Wang, Zhipeng Gao, Zifan Li, Xiaojiang Du, Mohsen Guizani

25-03-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A trust-based minimum cost and quality aware data collection scheme in P2P network

Yingying Ren, Zhiwen Zeng, Tian Wang, Shaobo Zhang, Guoming Zhi

05-05-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Efficient and secure k-nearest neighbor query on outsourced data

Huijuan Lian, Weidong Qiu, Di Yan, Zheng Huang, Peng Tang

13-04-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Functional encryption with application to machine learning: simple conversions from generic functions to quadratic functions

Huige Wang, Kefei Chen, Yuan Zhang, Yunlei Zhao

26-05-2020 | Issue 6/2020

A dynamic and verifiable multi-keyword ranked search scheme in the P2P networking environment

Haoyang Wang, Kai Fan, Hui Li, Yintang Yang

08-05-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Adaptive privacy-preserving federated learning

Xiaoyuan Liu, Hongwei Li, Guowen Xu, Rongxing Lu, Miao He

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