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13-06-2019 Open Access

Towards Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chains – Innovation, Multi-stakeholder Approach and Governance

Supply chains are an indispensable element of any global economy. At the same time such supply chains create a societal and environmental burden. Drastic actions are required to mitigate these effects. Supply chains should become responsible and …


Leadership as Phenomenon: Reassessing the Philosophical Ground of Leadership Studies

The purpose of this article is to contribute to a more robust theory of leadership that shifts the frame of reference from leadership as exclusively facilitated through a single inspired leader to one that includes the view of leadership as an …


Respect as a Moral Response to Workplace Incivility

With the rise of incivility in organizational settings, coupled with an increase in discriminatory behavior around the world, we explain how these concerns have merged to become a pervasive workplace ethical issue. An ethical-decision making model …


Circular Economy – Reducing Symptoms or Radical Change?

In this article, we address why our management of the economy, community and business has led to global warming and we discuss the importance of worldviews, ontology, epistemology and axiology in the search for alternative paths of development. We …

06-02-2019 Open Access

Trust: from the Philosophical to the Commercial

This is a paper about trust, with a specific focus on the ways in which trust is investigated in the business literature and the commercial sector. The lens through which the topic is approached is distinctively philosophical. We use philosophical …

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Philosophy of Management is published three times a year. It offers an independent, refereed forum for philosophers, theorists and management practitioners to apply philosophical scrutiny to management theory and practice. It seeks to define and develop the field of philosophy of management and is directed to philosophers working in all traditions.

Now in its twelfth year, Philosophy of Management is the leading forum for philosophically-informed thinking about management in theory and practice. Through its pages, conferences, seminars and discussion list it defines and develops the field of philosophy of management.

Journal readers include thinkers, scholars, teachers, consultants and practitioners in 20 countries. The Journal is for philosophers working in all traditions, for management thinkers concerned with the philosophical foundations and validity of their subject and practising managers seeking to engage with the philosophical issues raised by what they believe and do. Contributors have included leading philosophers, management scholars, consultants and managers.

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