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Photonic Network Communications

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03-07-2020 | Original Paper

A novel carrier-cooperation scheme with an incentive to offer emergency lightpath support during disaster recovery

To achieve fast recovery of optical transport networks after a disaster, we investigate a novel scheme enabling cooperation between carriers. Carriers can take advantage of their surviving or recovered optical resources to aid each other through …

30-06-2020 | Original Paper

Real-time maintenance of latency-sensitive 5G services through network slicing

Network Slicing appears as one of the enabling technologies for 5G networks to accommodate services with different requirements and availability. The present work seizes the use of network slicing and focuses on the deployment and maintenance of …

17-06-2020 | Original Paper

Optical four-channel demultiplexer based on air-bridge structure and graphite-type ring resonators

A novel an optical four-channel demultiplexer based on a hexagonal lattice shape of embedded air holes in dielectric substrate (air-bridge type) is proposed. Demultiplexing for each channel is obtained by designing the graphite-type ring resonator …

17-06-2020 | Original Paper

Real-time optical spectrum monitoring in filterless optical metro networks

Filterless optical networks (FONs) have been proposed as a feasible solution for optical metro networks. In addition, as a result of the shorter distance compared to core optical networks, direct detection optical transmission systems can be used …

17-06-2020 | Original Paper

High speed nano-optical encoder using photonic crystal ring resonator

In this present work, photonic crystal based ultra-high-speed encoder is proposed for optical computing applications. The designed logic device contains dual nanocavity coupled ring resonator, reflector and five waveguides in a square lattice with …

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This journal publishes papers involving optical communication networks. Coverage includes network and system technologies; network and system architectures; network access and control; network design, planning, and operation; interworking; and application design for an optical infrastructure

This journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers presenting research results, major achievements, and trends involving all aspects of optical network communications.

Among the topics explored are transport, access, and customer premises networks; local, regional, and global networks; transoceanic and undersea networks; optical transparent networks; WDM, HWDM, and OTDM networks and more.

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