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Photonic Network Communications

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18-02-2019 | Original Paper

Assisted DASH-aware networking over SDN–CCN architecture

High bandwidth demand is incited by online video streaming that has become a fundamental of many consumers’ lives. To provide the best user experience taking into account the user device and the network available bandwidth, different new …

18-02-2019 | Original Paper

An optical packet metro architecture for Fixed Mobile Convergence in the cloud era

The present paper addresses future network architectures considered for Fixed Mobile Convergence, where users can access resources transparently either through fixed access technologies or through the mobile RAN. Optical technologies rely on …

18-02-2019 | Original Paper

Performance enhancement of BPSK-SIM- and DPSK-SIM-based FSO downlink over atmospheric turbulence using aperture averaging and receiver diversity

In this paper, we evaluate the bit error rate (BER) performance of a free-space optical satellite downlink by considering the atmospheric turbulence effects using binary shift keying subcarrier intensity modulation and differential phase shift …

14-02-2019 | Original Paper

A novel auxiliary graph model for effective dynamic traffic grooming in light-trail optical WDM mesh networks

A light trail is a unidirectional bus from a convener node to an end node. The main advantage of a light trail over a light path is that the communication channel of a light trail can be accessed by intermediate nodes providing more flexibility …

06-02-2019 | Original Paper

Cover and iterative learning control for and decryption in secure communication

Typical cover techniques adopted in the conventional secure communication schemes are the additive masking and modulation by multiplication. In order to enhance security, in this paper, the new masking and decryption methods were given by …

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This journal publishes papers involving optical communication networks. Coverage includes network and system technologies; network and system architectures; network access and control; network design, planning, and operation; interworking; and application design for an optical infrastructure

This journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers presenting research results, major achievements, and trends involving all aspects of optical network communications.

Among the topics explored are transport, access, and customer premises networks; local, regional, and global networks; transoceanic and undersea networks; optical transparent networks; WDM, HWDM, and OTDM networks and more.

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