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Photonic Network Communications


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27-09-2022 | Original Paper

Quality of service improvement in fiber-wireless networks using a fuzzy-based nature-inspired algorithm

Fiber-Wireless (Fi-Wi) networks attract interest as a dependable communication backbone in several additional applications. The cheap cost, dependability, accessibility of Wireless Sensor Networks, and optical fiber networks’ high bandwidth and …

18-09-2022 | Original Paper

Design of tunable optical frequency comb generation based on electro-optic modulator

An optical frequency comb having 24 channels with 1.1 dB maximum power deviation and tunable channel spacing is demonstrated by controlling the amplitude of a periodic Gaussian-shaped radiofrequency signal applied to the two cascaded intensity …

17-09-2022 | Original Paper

On regenerator site selection in translucent optical network design

In a dynamically reconfigurable wide-area translucent network, the pre-deployment of regenerators at few sites has its advantages due to the increased system optimization and incurred savings in capital/operational expenditure (CAPEX/OPEX). A …


Design and analysis of an efficient reversible hybrid new gate using silicon micro-ring resonator-based all-optical switch

The reversibility protocol of the logic gate is not supported by conventional logic gates. These gates disperse energy into the environment in the form of heat energy on account of loss of data and that is why these gates are titled irreversible …

03-08-2022 | Original Paper

Real time experimental investigation of adaptive optics compensation technique for free space optical communication

The variation in refractive index of the atmosphere causes wavefront aberration of optical signal propagating through the random atmosphere. This leads to various effects such as beam spreading, wandering and scintillation (intensity fluctuation) …

About this journal

This journal publishes papers involving optical communication networks. Coverage includes network and system technologies; network and system architectures; network access and control; network design, planning, and operation; interworking; and application design for an optical infrastructure

This journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed papers presenting research results, major achievements, and trends involving all aspects of optical network communications.

Among the topics explored are transport, access, and customer premises networks; local, regional, and global networks; transoceanic and undersea networks; optical transparent networks; WDM, HWDM, and OTDM networks and more.

Photonic Network Communications
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