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24-03-2020 | Research Article

Linking throughput and output legitimacy in Swiss forest policy implementation

Policy scholars typically assume that implementing actors should follow democratically decided rules in linear, predictable ways. However, this assumption does not factor in the operational challenges and multiple accountability relations facing …

20-03-2020 | Research Article

Mixed feedback dynamics and the USA renewable fuel standard: the roles of policy design and administrative agency

Using the case of the USA Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), this paper contributes to theorizing regarding the factors that affect feedback dynamics of a disruptive technology. Focusing on design elements of the RFS and governance features related to …

19-03-2020 | Research Article Open Access

Disaggregating the dependent variable in policy feedback research: an analysis of the EU Emissions Trading System

The literature on policy dynamics has long argued for a better conceptualization and measurement of the dependent variable (“policy”), but this fundamental point has often been neglected in the policy feedback literature. In this paper, we explore …

02-01-2020 | Research Article

Designing policy resilience: lessons from the Affordable Care Act

Public policies are the products of political conflict, constituted by mixes of diverse tools and instruments intended to achieve multiple goals that may change over time and not always be internally consistent or coherent. Recent studies dealing …

14-12-2019 | Research Article

The role of actors in the policy design process: introducing design coalitions to explain policy output

Despite a renaissance of policy design thinking in public policy literature and a renewed interest in agency in the policy process literature, agency in the policy design process has, so far, not received systematic attention. Understanding the …

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With an interdisciplinary and international focus, Policy Sciences encourages a diversity of perspectives. The editors especially welcome conceptual and empirical innovation, together with the potential richness and insight of comparative orientation.

The journal offers articles that examine the normative aspects of policy sciences;
conceptual articles addressing concrete policy issues; articles on particularly controversial pieces of analysis; opposing perspectives, including critiques and rejoinders on articles already published, which open the journal to an exchange of views rather than restricting it to pure presentation; and special issues that analyze specific topics in depth.

Policy Sciences favors, but does not publish exclusively, works that either explicitly or implicitly utilize the policy sciences framework. The policy sciences are a distinctive subset within the policy movement in that they embrace the traditions of innovated and elaborated by Harold D. Lasswell and Myers S. McDougal. The policy sciences can be applied to articles with greater or lesser intensity to accommodate the focus of an author’s work. At the minimum, this means taking a problem oriented, multi-method or contextual approach. For additional direction authors may consult our Aims and Scope section:

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