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Political Behavior

Issue 1/2023

Content (18 Articles)

Original Paper

Testing the Participation Hypothesis: Evidence from Participatory Budgeting

Carolina Johnson, H. Jacob Carlson, Sonya Reynolds

Original Research

You’re Not From Here!: The Consequences of Urban and Rural Identities

Jeffrey Lyons, Stephen M. Utych

Original Paper

Public Services, Geography, and Citizen Perceptions of Government in Latin America

Gary Bland, Derick Brinkerhoff, Diego Romero, Anna Wetterberg, Erik Wibbels

Original Paper

The Electoral Costs and Benefits of Feminism in Contemporary American Politics

Marzia Oceno, Nicholas A. Valentino, Carly Wayne

Original Paper

Elections, Party Rhetoric, and Public Attitudes Toward Immigration in Europe

Elizabeth Dekeyser, Michael Freedman

Original Paper

Attacking the Weak or the Strong? An Experiment on the Targets of Parochial Altruism

Simon Varaine, Ismaël Benslimane, Raul Magni-Berton, Paolo Crosetto

Original Paper

Young Citizens’ Civic Engagement and Civic Attitudes: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis

Yusaku Horiuchi, Hiroto Katsumata, Ethan Woodard

Open Access Original Paper

The Gender Backlash in the Vote for Brexit

Jane Green, Rosalind Shorrocks

Open Access Original Paper

In Need of the Devil’s Advocate? The Impact of Cross-Cutting Exposure on Political Discussion

Frank M. Schneider, Carina Weinmann

Original Paper

Deception Detection in Politics: Can Voters Tell When Politicians are Lying?

Kyle Mattes, Valeriia Popova, Jacqueline R. Evans

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