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Political Behavior

Issue 3/2022

Content (23 Articles)

Original Paper

The Inseparability of Race and Partisanship in the United States

Sean J. Westwood, Erik Peterson

Open Access Original Paper

The Income Gap in Voting: Moderating Effects of Income Inequality and Clientelism

Twan Huijsmans, Arieke J. Rijken, Teodora Gaidyte

Original Paper

Natural Disasters, ‘Partisan Retrospection,’ and U.S. Presidential Elections

Boris Heersink, Jeffery A. Jenkins, Michael P. Olson, Brenton D. Peterson

Original Paper

Modulating the Neural Bases of Political Communications: Political Involvement and Perception of the Economic Situation

Luis-Alberto Casado-Aranda, Juan Sánchez-Fernández, Teodoro Luque-Martínez

Open Access Original Paper

Who Cares If You Vote? Partisan Pressure and Social Norms of Voting

Edward Fieldhouse, David Cutts, Jack Bailey

Original Paper

Hostile Sexism, Racial Resentment, and Political Mobilization

Kevin K. Banda, Erin C. Cassese

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