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Political Behavior

Issue 4/2021

Content (22 Articles)

Open Access Original Paper

Conformity and Individuals’ Response to Information About Aggregate Turnout

André Blais, Rafael Hortala-Vallve

Open Access Original Paper

Politicians, the Representativeness Heuristic and Decision-Making Biases

Sjoerd Stolwijk, Barbara Vis

Open Access Original Paper

Fake Claims of Fake News: Political Misinformation, Warnings, and the Tainted Truth Effect

Melanie Freeze, Mary Baumgartner, Peter Bruno, Jacob R. Gunderson, Joshua Olin, Morgan Quinn Ross, Justine Szafran

Open Access Original Paper

Making Votes Count with Internet Voting

Micha Germann

Original Paper

The Gendered Politics of Congressional Elections

Sarah A. Fulton, Kostanca Dhima

Original Paper

Possible Evolutionary Origins of Nationalism

Satoshi Kanazawa

Open Access Original Paper

Using a Continuous Measure of Genderedness to Assess Sex Differences in the Attitudes of the Political Elite

Jan Erik Lönnqvist, Ville-Juhani Ilmarinen

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